Figures by CardsInc.
I admit, I didn't start by reading the books. I got into Harry Potter through the first two movies and started reading from The Prisoner of Azkaban onwards and found them totally unputdownable. But there were never any action figures that I'd been interested in. When the first movie came out Matel did make a short lived range of 'cartoony' looking mini figures (right) while the rest of their range concentrated on 7" scale.
I was tempted by the Azkaban mini figures (about 3in in scale) but decided to pass.
So when it was announced that CardsInc were making a range of 3.75" figures I knew that it was only a matter of time before Harry and the gang would appear on the AFT.
The figures themselves are a little disappointing in that they're actually a bit taller than 3.75" scale (so that rules out my Harry Potter/ Star Wars crossover) and none of them can actually stand up unaided. Plus, with CI promising a vast range of Potterverse characters, it's a bit frustrating that the initial announced run has been split across two waves- meaning that great and important adversaries like Snape and Voldemort are still absent.
Having said that, they are very well sculpted and highly articulated. And I hope we get to see a lot more in the future.
"Manti"- Acklay (Star Wars Ep2)

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The story and the Harry Potter section debuted on 4 October 2007.

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I've found it quite hard coming up with decent stories for Harry Potter. JK Rowling is very thorough in filling each school year, with very little room for other possible adventures. One idea Harry Potter and the Golden Dragon sees Harry and Malfoy winning a school competition to join an exchange trip to another school where an evil Chinese wizard wants them in his power.
The Unstoppable Monster is one of those stories that came to me in a flash and leapt from concept to web in a matter of weeks. The image above is a mock up I created when I first had the idea.
All the spells used by Harry and his friends in the story have come from the books and films and are listed below along with the sources I found them:




This was used by Harry in The Goblet of Fire film.

The Shield Charm. (

Summons ropes which then bind the victim (


Locomotor Mortis


This spell creates heat from the end of the wand. Normally sparks burst from the wand tip as a result of this spell (

The Leg-Locker Curse. Causes the victimís legs to lock together. (

This hex makes the victim's teeth grow rapidly (Wikipedia)


Petrificus Totalus


Makes the spell-caster able to draw lines of fire with their wand. (

Renders the victim temporarily unable to move. (

Glues the victim's tongue to the top of their mouth. (




This spell produces a bolt of red light and stuns whoever it is cast upon, knocking the victim unconscious ( (Ok, I spelled it wrong. maybe thatís why Hermioneís bolt is purple)

Use to stop or slow down a person or creature (

Turns its target to stone (Wikipedia)



Stops an object moving. (

This spell is used to blast solid object into pieces. (


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The story was shot in three sessions with some minor pick ups for close ups on Harry. As such it was shot mostly in order apart from the scene where Hagrid unveils Manti. This was shot over two of the sessions.
One shot seems to have missed being filmed- a frame where Hagrid discovers that Manti has gone. It was decided during the edit that the frame wasn't needed. Something else made for the shoot but then not used is a background (left) showing the outskirts of Hogsmeade at the edge of the forest.
. Specially made for the story but something I'd been trying to do for a while is Harry's Marauder's Map

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The story was edited over two nights, pictures first and then dialogue. The story's original title was The Monster Down Below but that was before the storyline was written. After that it was simply referred to as Monster, the final title was coined after editing.
Something clearly went wrong with the storyboarding on page 6 as we have one frame too many. To preserve the shape of the page the frame (where Ron realises he's used the wrong spell) has been cut. A similar error has led to a small gap on page 7.

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Since JK has most of the time during the books pretty much occupied, it's hard to pin this down to a precise time period so any continuity is pretty much ignored. Although all the figures are from The Order of the Phoenix the story feels like it should be during The Prisoner of Azkaban, perhaps because of its similarity to the Buckbeak scene.

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