In Robert's own words.

I chose these characters because they were the main character for the first part of season 18 and these were the Cybermen I wanted to use.


Tom Baker- Doctor Who (Season 18 Costume)

Romana II – Lalla Ward (Astrid Peth figure, as I really don’t have a customisation budget)

K-9 – The voice of John Leeson (K-9 from the 4th Doctor and K-9 set)

Cybermen (The Invasion)

Cybermen (Earthshock)

I wanted to show that side of the Cybermen where they are updating their technology and show the transition of the new upgrade from the old one. I also thought it would be good for Tom to come up against the Cybermen once more.

I was thinking that maybe the Cybermen upgrade their look once in a while and upgrade their own technology. So I thought to do this with the Earthshock ones and show them in their next upgrade.

The script was completed on the 18th of the January 2013. It went through many alterations.

My filming took place on the 1st of April 2013. It mostly took place in the shelves on my desk and in my cupboard. First were the TARDIS scenes, using the TARDIS console room created by Phil’s AFT Downloads. (Thanks Phil!). The rest of the scenes were made by whatever was lying around to make a some labs.

I started to edit the story on 4th of April 2013. I used Comic Life to edit the story and put it all together. Some of the panels are really closed up at the end but there was nothing particularly hard about it.

I would place the story just before ‘The Leisure Hive’ as the Doctor suggests a holiday at Blackpool as they fly off in the TARDIS. The new upgrade will feature in ‘Earthshock’

I really enjoyed making my story. It was made really early then I just didn’t have time to put it up but I have done it now so I am happy. I really enjoyed the Storylab and I was helped by Phil and it was great working with him to get my story to where it is now and everyone involved were really nice and I would like to thank everyone involved in this year’s Storylab. It was great fun.

A late addition to the Storylab pantheon, this story was posted online on 27th September 2013.
A fun episode with a great idea at its heart- the concept of a virus that turns people into Cybermen being let loose in the past. Some of the execution could be improved- some speech bubbles overlapping and obscuring the image in some cases- but overall it's a good story. The combination of drawn pieces of scenery and lego blocks give it a lovely charm.