in Eamon's own words.
The Doctor (Blue Shirt Series 6 Variant)
Bronze Dalek (SFX Wave Variant)
Black Dalek (Custom)
Dalek (Destiny of the Daleks Set)
Dalek (Power of the Daleks SFX Wave Variant)
TARDIS (2005-10 Variant)
Ice Warrior
Projected Weeping Angel
Destroyed Imperial Dalek
After Moffat ruined the ending of Asylum of the Daleks, I joined AFT and a few thoughts passed through my head:
Sixth Doctor and Peri on a Spaceship with CybermenFourth Doctor battling the Autons in America
The Eleventh Doctor and Clara battling the Weeping Angels
The Eleventh Doctor and Rory searching for Amy through Time and Space
but after a lot of thinking I decided on The Eleventh Doctor battling Daleks to regain being hidden, and the story changed a lot since the idea, originally, the Doctor and River travelled for a bit back to stormcage (I realised the mistake a day ago) and had to manoeuvre the TARDIS away from a meteorite.
I never actually completed the script but I had the idea planned out in my head there was even 2 deleted scenes in the comic strip one with the Rememberer on an Escape Pod and another one featuring the Doctor and a Dalek in the new Clara era TARDIS and the Dalek gets stuck between the doors.
The first scene I shot was the Pond era TARDIS sometime in April, I don't know when. The Storage area was the next scene and that was filmed sometime in April too. The next scene was the corridor scenes and that was filmed on the 1st of June and the Dalek Control Room was filmed on the same day. The next day finished off the filming with the prison room and the photo shopping of the Clara era TARDIS.
I edited the episode as I filmed it except for page 1 and the beginning of Pg. 2, which was edited on the 2nd - 4th of May. Page 2 was finished on the 1st of June, page 3 and 4 were done on 2nd of June and took me about 4 hours to do. The Episodes working titles were: Nemesis of the Daleks and Doctor Who?
This episode is set between The Angels Take Manhattan and The Snowmen, there are a lot of references to Asylum of Daleks in the episode and the Name of the Doctor, there are also references to the Bells of Saint John (The new title sequence was from that episode) and the Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS - the TARDIS picture at the end. There was a small reference to the Angels Take Manhattan at the start and the Dalek spaceship picture was from The Parting of the Ways.
I really enjoyed doing the AFT storylab and hope to be brought back for another go at this as I think I haven't quite resolved things I would like to resolve in the future, I would desperately love to do a two parter with the Doctor and Clara - but hey time will Tell and as I always say, when in doubt - straighten your bow tie and bugger on... oh and GERONIMO!
This story was completed on schedule and was one of the first to appear on the site on the planned date of 14th June 2013.
Eamon was an enthusiastic member of the AFT storylab from start to finish and I'm not surprised that his was the first story that came back completed. As a first story from a young writer, it's a great effort.