In Tyler's own words.
This story, small in scale, only called for three figures: The Eleventh Doctor from series six, the Graske from from the ill-fated Sarah Jane toyline, and a Parallax BAF standing in for Cymathu. (Yeah, I collected figures from the Green Lantern movie. What about it?)

To be honest, it's a little hard to talk about this story without discussing a video I made two years ago. In 2011, I entered a contest on YouTube wherein the object was to do a short, stop motion film featuring the Doctor and at least one monster. Since it was only to be a short video, I decided to follow the example of all those Red Nose Day and Children in Need specials: something short, simple, humour based, and mostly set within the TARDIS. As I got to see my competetors videos and noticed that a lot of them were using Daleks, I thought I might earn brownie points for using a less popular monster like the Graske.

In the end, my video won third place, the other two (Dalek themed) films having slightly better editing. To this day I'm still very proud of that accomplishment. So when Phillip Lawrence decided to open the doors to Action Figure Theatre and let the rest of us play, I thought it would be fun to go back and do a comic adaptation of the story.

As an adaptation, the script didn't take very long to finish, because it already exisited. Of course, I ended up changing quite a few things: not only was half the dialogue re-written, but the original video had Sontarans threatening the Doctor. In hindsight, I decided that those potoato heads probably wouldn't have much respect for traffic wardens, so I swapped them out with original villain Cymathu, which finally gave me an excuse to use my Parallax figure.

Filming was accomplished in just two days: one day for the TARDIS scenes, and another for the Darboria scenes. Naturally, I used the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS playset, but with a few modifications. I shined a flashlight down the console in an effort to create a glow effect, although the batteries kept dying throughout the shoot. I also used some TARDIS wall printouts on an orange backdrop in an effort to fill out the empty spaces on the playset.

To create Darboria, my approach was very low tech: just a black backdrop, some bed sheets for mountains, and printouts from Phillip's website.

In the absence of Photoshop (for some reason my computer is very finicky about accepting new programs), the whole thing was edited in Paint.NET. At one point I actually went back and re-did all of the speech balloons when I found a far more agreeable font.
Although there is nothing to indicate exactly when the story takes place, I put it somewhere between God Complex and Closing Time, when the Doctor is on his "farewell tour".

The Doctor mentions that this isn't the first time a Graske has gotten into the TARDIS. Obviously, this brings to mind the 2008 Proms special Music of the Spheres. I know the canonicity of said special is dubious at best, but we can always assume that the Doctor has had other off screen encounters with the Graske, right?

All in all, I think I actually made this story better than it was before. I'm really glad I've had the chance to be a part of the Storylab experience, and I wouldn't mind the chance to be a part of it again someday.
This story was completed on schedule and was one of the first to appear on the site on the planned date of 14th June 2013.
I love this story, Tyler's done a great job. Genuinely funny and quirky with a brilliant resolution. Beautifully executed and very clearly laid out. And a good use of font for the monster- alien looking but easy to read.