In Mikhaila's own words.
10th Doctor ( x 2 one in a coat, one without a coat)
Martha Jones (The one and only)
Lady Frenola (aka Idris in a shiny frock)
2 x Henchmen (aka Uncle in blue pjs and
a passing Winder bloke Francisico the Vampire minus cloak)Surgeon Lamarr (aka Professor Yana in a surgical gown and mask)
Judoon Captain (also plays all other Judoon through the magic of Photoshop)
Originally I wanted to do an 8th Doctor story heís a bit companion light (hint hint CO we need a 5Ē Grace figure. J) as heís one of my favourites to photograph.  The original draft of the story had Donna in it as I loved the idea of her saving The Doctor however as I was typing it up to send to Phil I realised that she wouldnít know who the Judoon was and rather than add even more dialogue to an already quite wordy idea it was easier to change to Martha, also the Martha figure is easier to pose as sheís not wearing a coat.
The henchmen changed from 2 x Uncle figures (the new costume didnít quite work as well as I thought) to a Winder (just didnít work) then ended up as Francisco minus his cape.
Iím now thinking about getting another Idris because Iíve rather grown fond of the silver dress. J
Far too much time as a child watching Doctor Who, Blakeís 7 and Bond films. Iíve always loved a baddie with an improbable grandiose plan. Though reading an article the other day I realised I may have nicked parts of the plot from The 2 Doctors!!! Oops.
The script was written way back in March and once Iíd written the outline I found it quite easy to do though next time I think Iíll try to have more action and less talk though I think that was also a side effect of using 10, who is defiantly a talker and the nature of Lady Frenolaís plan.
Took longer than I anticipated as I didnít get as much done before Easter because of work commitments. The outside shots were all done in my parentís garden as flagstones make a nice barren planet set if you havenít got a quarry handy ;). Also their blue recycling bin made for a handy bluescreen for the spaceship and extra Judoons photshopping.

The Interior shots were all shot on my living room table using Philís fab Seeds of Doom sets and a lighting rig made from rulers, chopsticks and clip on lights from the poundshop.

I used Photoshop Elements 9. This is the biggest project Iíve ever done with it and Iíve learnt lots from it. The biggest problem I had was trying to get the arriving spaceship to look how I wanted and this is the bit Iím least happy with, that and the slightly dodgy photoshopping on the Judoon at the back in the fight scene, I just couldnít get the lighting to look right on that.

Also I had a bit of trouble with the speech bubbles and size of text to start with.  It didnít help that I had a lot of dialogue in a couple of pictures and a lot of people in them too. Next time I will leave more space in the pictures for speech bubbles.

Also Iíll leave more space so that I can edit the panels more so that they are not just square and be a bit more adventurous with my page layouts.

No strict continuity somewhere during the period briefly seen at the end of Blink (Three things and a lizard) when The Doctor and Martha are zooming about just having adventures and enjoying themselves.

I really enjoyed this whole process and I havenít written so much since university! It was great fun and Philís tips and videos were immensely helpful. Iím completely in awe of the amount of time and effort he puts into his stories and website.

It was quite a stressful time at work and having this to think about was helpful to take my mind of it. Iím now thinking what I can do next.

Thanks Phil, so when do we start the next one? J

The story was published online on 10 July 2013.
Mikhaila's created a brilliant story here. A villain with a clear purpose posing a credible threat to the Doctor. Her sets are wonderful. In some cases it's hard to tell what's a physical set and what's been photoshopped. The costumes for her figures are fantastic- the final panel of page 2 is particularly striking with that shot of Surgeon Lammarr.

I also love her eye for little details, the surgeon's other implements on the trolly, the windows in the doors, the lights above the operating table.

It's a shame that some of the panels are squished particularly towards the end. But on the whole she's done a great job of editing. I love the way she's done the sound effects within the outline of a burst balloon. Something I might adopt myself. ;-)