In Tony's own words.
The cast for this story was always going to be small because it was always meant to be like a 'Short Trips' type adventure. I decided to keep it a 2 hander until the monster of the piece shows up. The Third Doctor - From the Sea Devils set
Jo Grant - A hand made custom by Babyjelly and the new figure from the Three Doctors Set.
The Horla/ The Hat Man - Created in Photoshop Elements.
This is where things get a little complicated and maybe a little embarressing for me. When i was very young i saw something which frightened me very much, i wont say a ghost, this isnt Scooby Doo! But it was something that did and still does scare me very much. I used this experience i had as a child and read more about it, i found that it wasnt a one off phenomena and that many people around the world have reported the same thing.
You can actually read more about the Shadow People phenomena online. Using all of this i started to come up with a bit of a mythology, what would these creatures what? What is there goal? where did they come from? etc etc. Once i had done this i then started to tie it into the Doctor's mythology and how it would effect him. I came across a very old story about a creature called The Horla. It is very much in the style of Lovecraft, about ancient celistial type beings who control and or drive Humans to insanity. All of this just came together for my story.
This story was written quite a while ago, i was actually going to take part in the original AFT Storylab, however personal circumstances stopped me from finishing the story.  The script went through many,many changes. The story was a lot longer and had a lot more scenes involving a young Doctor on Gallifrey. All these had to be cut and trimmed down, which was quite a challenge. I tried to keep the script very much in the era of the 3rd Doctor and Jo, i hope that comes across!
As i said before, i actually started and finished *some* of this story over a year ago, maybe longer! I had already shot the second part of the Story where Jo and The Doctor enter the TARDIS, this is why you see a different Jo figure in those scenes. Since i no longer have that console (which was custom made by me) i couldnt re-shoot those TARDIS scenes. The only scenes which were shot recently were the ones of The Doctor and Jo in the UNIT lab, again all scratch built. I was never really happy with this set as i didnt think it photographed very well. I also had a problem working out how to shoot The Horla. The Horla was surposed to be a black, shapeless mass with what looked like a hat on top of his head. I originally used a Scarecrow figure as a few years ago my photoshop skills were...Well, i didnt have any! I really have learned on the fly. The trick with the UNIT lab is to make it look busy, so a few of you will spot props in there such as the micro welder first seen in Terror Of The Autons. Again this was scratch built as i just loved the way the thing looked and it made the lab look just right.
The effects you see in my story were done using Photoshop elements 11. I really have just started using this over the last year or so, maybe even less. The main challenege was creating The Horla as no matter what i did i just couldnt get the creature to look how i wanted it using Photoshop elements. I eventually found a shape which i was comfortable with and used that with some bluring. I founding the editing process painful to be honest, iam very much used to taking one photo, editing it in Photoshop to a point which iam happy and then leaving it at that. With this project i had to concentrate on where the speech bubble would go, where i could put the effects etc etc. This was an un-natural process for me, but thanks to the AFT storylab and Phil's helpful hints i can say i have learnt many new skills for future projects.

This story is meant to fit in just before The Sea Devils. In a line cut from the final script, Jo says to The Doctor "At least you're not on some island, all on your own".  As to this storys past and future? Well it is implied that the Doctor has encountered these creatures before and i left the story open ended for a reason ;).

I really found this whole process quite a challenge, I can only have massive respect for Phil for doing what he does with his stories. Its only when you try one of these stories for yourself that you realise just how much time and effort goes into making one of them.

As Tony said, this one's been a long time coming but was posted on the site on 17th June 2013
I'm really glad Tony managed to get his story finished. It's a solid, simple Pertwee tale. I love the reference to his childhood, something very much of the Pertwee era as we became more familiar with the character and were given little glimpses into his old home and life there.
Tony's broken the rules a bit by stretching his story to six pages but this is mainly because his panels are so large. However I think we can forgive that, given that his photos and in particular his sets are so amazingly detailed and gorgeous. He's really put an extraordinary effort into this.