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Made April 2001
The first Doctor has long been a favourite of mine. When I first started making these figures and realised that I could suddenly recreate any era in the show's history, the first era I turned to was Hartnell's. It's no surprise that that story, Land of the Dinosaurs was the one that launched the site.
As with most of the Doctors, his frock coat is completed with material that has been painted creating a hard finish.

Made April 2001
Susan's sleeves and dungarees are made of milliput.
Made April 2001
With Susan and Barbara, the likenesses were slightly easier with hair and clothes. As it stands the Ian figure could be anyone and really only looks like Ian when standing next to Barbara.
Made April 2001
Barbara's hair and clothes have been sculpted in milliput.
When I started the AFT many people asked if I was going to recreate missing adventures. At the time I wasn't interested, having far too many new stories to tell but in mid 2005 I considered the possibility of making an AFT version of Marco Polo. To that end I created a couple of characters.
The first (left) is the young handmaiden PING CHO.
On the right is the KUBLAI KAHN'S VIZIER.
By this time I was experimenting with modifying actual figures rather than creating my own clone bodies from scratch. Ping Cho is simply a repaint of The Phantom Menace's Padme while the Vizier used to be Queen Amidala with part of her crown removed and a moustache added.
Neither of them have appeared in an AFT story but the pictures I took for Marco Polo can be found here.
Made mid 2006
AFT Appearances: The Seas of Marinus- abandoned story
These fishmen from the Keys of Marinus were made specifically for a story that sadly was never finished.
Like the Marco Polo ones they are modified figures, in this case a pair of Army divers, complete with rubber flippers that I cut into the Voord flipper shape.
The heads are made of scuply and the helmet insignia is made of telephone wire.

Made mid 2003
These are paper geodesic domes that have been decorated in photoshop.
For a time the template for these cut out and make Mechanoids was available in the AFT's yahoo group. My versions were finished off with cocktail stick guns with a card disc added and antenna made of cocktail stick with a dome made of foamboard and beads.

Made 2002
Another figure that was made to order, this time for his appearance in the Christmas Special made for 2002 that was held back until 2003.
The usual clone body lurks beneath with milliput sleeves and hat. The robes are painted cloth, just like that used for the Doctor's frock coats.
Made 2005
AFT Appearances: Dr Who: Earthshock, Return of the Cybermen (a 'movie' version of Earthshock)
A lot of care went into making these. I'd long been fascinated by this version of the cybermen with their odd voices and human hands. And when I needed a version of the Cybermen to face off against my Peter Cushing Doctor, I knew these sixties throwbacks were the ones!
The lamps are made of sculpy but the pipes holding them up are cocktail sticks. Sculpy also formed the gun, centre of the chest plate and shoulder pads. The shoulder pipes are painted string.
The chest units have real mesh on them and sides are perspex from figure packaging made into boxes with blue telephone wire inside.
Look closely at the arms and legs. Like the original costume they have a clear outer skin, in this case clingfilm held together with silver foil joints.
Made June 2001
This was the last of the classic Doctors to get made.
Made June 2001
Jamie has milliput collar and scarf. His kilt is painted cloth, just as for the Doctor's frock coats with a milliput sporan.
Notice that the tip of his nose and some of his fingers failed to cast. This was a common problem with some of my figures.
The legs had to have the trousers cut away to create bare legs. While his resin legs were still maliable, I bent them into a stance to make him look a little different from the other figures cast from the same mould.
Made about 2004
The Victoria figure was made specially for her appearance in 2004's Plants and Animals. Compared to some of the early figures, this one is a little more accomplished.
Her nose tip failed to cast properly but I attempted to finish off the nose with putty.
I've covered the obvious Princess Leia bra detail with milliput and it's quite smooth too, as are her trousers and cuffs.
Clearly I also too some care with the face to give her sixties style eye make up.


Made June 2001

I remember being inspired at the time by someone else's custom Zoe in a silver catsuit covered in glitter. While I didn't go down the glitter paint route, I did opt for this relatively simple outfit at first.
By 2005 I decided to give her a make over, repainting her hair and giving her the more iconic 'Krotons' outfit. The skirt and jacket are made out of black binliner in an attempt to emulate the plastic feel of the original outfit. I've not idea if the colours are accurate though.

Made in 2003.
The Yeti are big favourites of mine but it was hard to come up with a way of doing them justice.
These versions have bodies and arms made of clay with drinking straws as the shoulder joints. The hands and feet are made of sculpy and then the whole figure is covered in brown fur.
In the head there are a pair of eyes and a black mouth with painted on fangs.
Believe it or not there is even space in the chest to put a control sphere.


Made January 2002

These martian bad boys use the same body as the other figures with milliput body armour, hips and claws.
I added fur at the joints
Made 2003

These adorable robots from The Dominators are made out of foamboard.
The heads are poystyrene balls with cocktail sticks in them.
The legs are made of sculpy.

Made 2001
Originally made in his blue Planet of the Spiders outfit, my third Doctor had a little makeover in 2003 ahead of his appearance in the 40th Anniversary story. Later that year I gave him his signature cape.

Made May 2001
Not too much work required for this figure, except for his collar and hat.
The folds of the Chancellor Valorum body work in the figure's favour here providing the detail for his jumper.
Note the UNIT insignia on his arm.


Made 2004
AFT appearances: in the 'special features' section of Plastinate.
Being made sometime after the original figures, Benton (and Yates, made at the same time) show a little more care and attention. Instead of making the uniforms in milliput additions, I made them out of painted cloth. This gave me greater control over the sharp lines of the pockets. You'll note that the breast pockets are actually made of two pieces of cloth. The whole thing is finished off with buttons from a silver pen.
Made October 2001
Here in her outfit from The Sea Devils her jacket completed with a cloth lower half so she can still sit, kick etc. Sadly this is another figure that lost fingers in the casting process but that didn't stop me adding her trademark rings.
Made 2004
AFT appearances: in the 'special features' section of Plastinate.
Rounding out the UNIT family, it's Mike Yates made at the same time and in the same way as Benton above, apart from the addition of a lanyard.
Made in 2005

A relatively simple figure, this is just the regular clone body painted black.
The head has milliput hair and beard. I've tried to give him a raised Delgado eyebrow and darker skin tone around the eyes.
I'm not sure if it's the shape of the face or the shape of his hair but this figure to me looks more like the Jonathan Pryce Master from The Curse of Fatal Death spoof
Made in
Another relatively simple figure with milliput additions to their boiler suits.
At the casting stage, while the resin was still pliable I flattened out the right hands and made one of them into the distinctive Auton gun.
Made in 2001
Milliput again adds the Orgon's odd hair style/ beard, their bandoliers and hairy forearms.
The original ones were painted in the wrong colours so a few years later I decided to redo them, this time adding a cloth bottom to their tunics, a coth belt and a holster for their guns.
The guns are made of cocktail sticks and sculpy.

Made around 2004
I'm not sure quite what inspired me to make the Axons. Certainly their humanoid forms (see below) were easy enough. The only additions were to the heads to give the bulbous eye sockets and their hair.
The Axon monster was a little more tricky. That's the regular clone body underneath but it's layered over with super sculpy. Before it was hardened, I poked telephone wire into it to make the tentacles. The wire was already orange and brown so no need to paint them.
The Axons never appeared on the AFT but the monster did make an appearance as the Krynoid in Plants and Animals, just like it's TV counterpart, with photoshop making it a glowing green.

Made 2001.
Appears in the background of War of the Cybermen
A lot of effort went into making this Curse of Peladon delegate.
I love making these obscure one off Doctor Who monsters to populate my little home made Whoniverse.
The bulk of his tank is made of foamboard. the pipes are made of sculpy. His gun is the same card disc and cocktail stick combo I used for the Mechanoids.
Beneath his plastic dome is a scuply head and a black card and silver foil collar completes him.
I even put green paint on the inside of his dome to simulate the green liquid sloshing around inside.

Made in 2001
This hermaphredite Federation delegate appears in the background of War of the Cybermen.
Beneath the painted cloth cape is a clay body.
The six legs are all made of super sculpy and are each articulated believe it or not, through a complicated system using cocktail sticks.
The head is also clay and has a cocktail stick neck so it's fully articulated.
Made in 2004
No AFT appearances.
This is one figure that I thought Dapol had done very well but I still tried to do my own. I used the original clone Luke Skywalker bare arms for this one and the two heads were made individually from scratch out of sculpy.
Being creative I scoured the model shop for some string vest material and this was the best I could get.
It's not the right colour but it passed at the time. They look more like grass dresses than string bests. The belts are made of paper and tin foil.
I did go to town with the paint job though, giving them a base coat of dark brown and then dabbing on bits of brown and green with a paper towel.
Made in 2003
I was very proud of my Sontarans at the time. Their hands have been split into the traditional two figures.
The heads are made of sclupy with a sculpy collar and belt device.
I went to great pains to make removeable helmets by covering the finished heads in foil and moulding the helmets over them in sculpy.

They were also to appear in the abandoned The Peace Engine

Made April 2001
Made in the same way as the other Doctors, but with the addition of a painted cloth scarf.
Accurate likenesses have never been that important in my customs but there was something about the original head I made that didn't say Tom Baker to me. So in 2003 I made him a new one.
Made April 2001
A long time favourite of mine I originally made Sarah in her iconic Planet of the Spiders outfit. In 2004 I was planning to reuse her in a 4th Doctor story and gave her a remake to her Revenge of the Cybermen fatigues.
I also gave her a new hair do too.


Mad 2002
Another favourite character of mine, partly because she was the first companion I knew on TV from start to finish  and partly because I owned the Denys Fisher figure back in the 70s.
My custom Leela was armed with a knife from a Tonto figure.
Made in 2002
Obviously different to the other figures made at the time. K-9 has a sculpy head and a paperclip tail
His body is made from the same resin as the figures, poured into a paper mould.
The screen and K-9 insignia were added in milliput.

Made in 2004
Here in her (for me) most iconic outift, the dress from The Ribos Operation.
The skirt and the cape are made of the same white material. The edges of the cape were curled back and crumpled and glued in place to give it volume.
Not sure when she was made. Perhaps mid 2004.
No AFT appearances.
I'm quite pleased with the look of this Romana, in her outfit from The Horns of Nimon.
I've added milliput sleeves, boot tops, cravat and wastcoat. Either I was getting better or just paying more attention but the texture of my additions is really smooth and she even has perfectly round buttons.
Made 2004
No AFT appearances
A friend of mine bought me a pound shop 5" soldier. Very nice of her. Would be perfect now. But in a realm of 3.75" figures what use did I have for an oversized soldier?
I know...!
It took a lot of work and a fair amount of sculpy but I was really pleased with my K1 robot (or Giant Robot as he'll always be known to me)
He retains mobility in his shoulders and elbows. I decided not to bother about the legs- let's face it, he's never going to sit down.
The pipe work on his chest and behind his head are cables from figure packaging.
Made in November 2001
The Cybermen have long been a favourite of mine and the Mark V 'Revenge' style in particular.
These were the first monster I made. The heads are made of sculpy and then cast in resin allowing me to make three of them.
The chest units were also made in sculpy and moulded so they would look the same. I then added milliput details on the arms and legs.
For some reason the Zygons were one of the fist monsters I made. I think I thought the shape of the female clone lent itself to the curves of the Zygon bodies.
The monsters we tricky in that I always needed more than one. So I took the basic clone body, made the details in milliput then recast it so I could make more.
I started making the Zygon in June 2001 and moulded it by October. In November I had my two Zygons.
Note the eyes- their blank, taking inspiration from a painting on the cover of DWM
The Zygons appear in the 40th Anniversary story Type Forty but were also in the original version of Crystal Palace, later replaced by the official versions from Character.
Made 2005
No AFT appearances
This was one of those "I'm gonna make it cos I can" figures, rather than one made for a specific story.
By 2004 I'd started to realise that sometimes it was better to take an already existing figure and modify them into what was required. Especially when some figures were easy to come by and relatively cheap. Far easier than the laborious and messy business of casting a new figure in resin- often, as we've seen, with sloppy results.
Mr Sin here used to be an Anakin Skywalker figure, given a sculpy head and a cloth tunic. His beard, 'tache and ponytail are telephone wire.
Made 2004. No AFT appearances.
Ok, not technically a figure as such. My Rutan is a polystyrene ball painted in shades of icky green and yellow with a tissue body, dipped in green paint and allowed to dry and harden.

Made 2003

The Movellans were a relatively simple make. The regular clone lady figure with boot tops, shoulder detail and silver wigs.
They also have cloth skirt pieces with a cocktail stick/sculpy power pack glued to the front.
They did also have sculpy cone guns but I didn't have them to hand when I took this photo.


Made 2003
I love obscure one-off Doctor Who monsters that can return for a rematch. It doesn't always have to be Daleks or Cybermen.
Something took hold of me one day and I thought what long forgotten monster can I make in figure form. And the Nimon won.
They use the regular female body with added platform shoes, just like the real thing. The skirt is painted cloth and the head is solid sculpy with cocktail stick horns.
At the time I was very pleased with them.
They appear briefly in cameo in The Dalek Invasion of Time