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Here he is pictured with a Nyssa figure that was started and never completed. She was subsequently recycled into Jane in Plants and Animals

Made April 2004
This was the third Doctor I made and one I was keen to see in figure form, here with milliput jumper, collar and cuffs and cloth coat bottom.
This was actually my second go at getting the head right and the use of the Valorum head with its permanently downturned mouth means this figure (for me) always lacked the 5th Doctor's affable essence.
Made November 2001
No AFT appearances
Another figure I made early on. There's something I love about the 5th Doctor's first TARDIS team. Like the original Hartnell team, it's a period of excitement and the unknown. At the time, this was my first experience of a new Doctor and there is something exciting about the look of the four of them together.
One of the main drawbacks of my Adric figure is the fact that the base figure is clearly an older man.
He was a relatively simple make though, with just his hair, pocket and star badge.
The cloth addition to his tunic was added later.
Made November 2001
The are, in my opinion, two iconic looks for Tegan. One is her purple air hostess outfit and the other is this from early Season 20.
Sadly my Tegan figure suffers from a lack of fingers, lost in the casting process.
However, she does have milliput sleeves and shorts and the princess Leia bra detail lends itself well to her boob tube under garment. Painted cloth rounds off the outfit.


Made November 2001

Another relatively easy make, with just the hair, shirt sleeves and tie to add.

Made January 2002
Rounding out the season 21 TARDIS team comes the robotic and sometimes psychotic Kamelion.
The custom version has his various details added in milliput.
Note his left arm, bent slightly while it was still soft to try and give him that Kamelion/ C3PO pose.
He also appears with the Rani in Cosmic Bodies
Made April 2001
Another of the original figures I made.
The Master has milliput finishing off his trouser bottoms, rounding out his puffed up sleeves and adding detail to the front of his jacket.
His coat tails are painted cloth.
Made 2004
By this time I came to realise that it was better to make customs out of existing figures and when I picked up a cheap Chancellor Palpatine, I knew I'd found my Time Lord.
With a simple repaint, a sculpy skullcap and a sculpy cowel (now sadly broken and thrown away), voila! One Prydonian Councillor!
Made 2004
One of my later customs and you can see I'm starting to get the hand of it. No missing fingers. The paint on the face is passable. I've even managed to paint straight lines down his trousers.
Apart from the sculpy boots, gloves and helmet, his tunic and cape are cloth.


Made 2006
Among my very last Doctor Who customs in this scale come the Black and White Guardians.
Both of them made from extremely well articulated soldier figures.
These two started off as pilots and where painted head to toe white and black respectively.
They're both wearing helmets that I've cunningly disguised with sculpy to make the Guardians trademark bird head gear.
I'm still quite pleased with the dove.
They have cloth robes and collars and were made for a pair of 5th Doctor stories that were never completed. See the LOST STORIES to find out more.
Made 2005

At first glance, I still contend that these figures actually look quite good.
As with other Cybermen, the head was made in sculpy and then a mould was made so I could create more of them.
The chest unit is made of sculpy, cut out of a paper template. A piece of painted string adds to the chest unit and telephone wire finishes off the detail on the helmet.
Made 2003
Daleks were the holygrail of the AFT. I tried all sorts of ways of making them, including sculpy and clay.
The main problem was finding a way of making more than one.
The final idea was to make them out of card and I painstakingly created a template using several blueprints.
The base is made of foamboard while the skirt, shoulders and arm boxes are made of card.
I tried to use blobs of PVA glue to make the skirt spheres but couldn't get them very big.
The neck is made of card with a printed mesh on it. The neck rings are made of foam board, sculpted and sanded into shape.
Likewise, the dome is foamboard layers, sanded into a dome with the eye emplacement and lights added.
The eye and arms are my old favourite cocktail sticks with foam board details, paperclip detail for the gun.
The slats are card with a metal mesh underneath them.
Each dalek has a flip open top with a green tissue paper mutant inside.

Made April 2001
Back when I started my quest for Doctor Who figures, the 6th Doctor was on the telly. It's natural then that when I started to make my own, he was the first Doctor I made.
His coat was made totally out of milliput- I hadn't hit upon the idea of painting cloth at this point.
This figure remains one of my favourites. I think the sulky Valorum face lends itself well to the 6th Doctor's irascible persona.
Made April 2001
To accompany my top Doctor comes Peri in her outfit from The Two Doctors.

Made 2006: No AFT Appearances
Straight from the Big Finish audios comes sexagenarian companion Evelyn.
This version is a modified Phantom Menace Padme
I'd previously attempted to make an Evelyn by adding sculpy to the basic female clone body but the result owed its look more to Staypuft Marshmellow Man than Maggie Stables and was binned.


Made 2006: No AFT Appearances

Similarly, I'd tried to make a Mel back in November 2001 and not been happy with it.
This version uses Queen Amidala's body with the original Princess Leia arms I used to make my moulds. Another sign that my 3.75" custom days were over. 
The hair comes from a spare Dapol Mel.
His box is made of foamboard with perspex windows, painted blue on the inside to simulate his water tank.
He even has a bowl of sculpy marsh minnows.
Made November 2001
No AFT Appearances.
I liked Sil as a character and figured he'd be an easy make with just the clone arms and a head, body and tail of scuply.
Made September 2001
Her sole AFT appearance is with the Master in Cosmic Bodies
Another favourite character of mine hence so she was high on my list of makes.
Her top is made of milliput with a dappled paint job to suggest her Time and the Rani outfit.

Made May 2001
The penultimate Doctor to be made suggesting a lack of love for dear old McCoy. If that's true it's only because I'd had a long time to get used to him in figure form having had both him and Ace from Dapol. He'd been the incumbent Doctor for quite a while and I'd written many stories featuring him and Ace. Another reason why he didn't appear in his own story on the AFT until four years after it began.
For this figure I meticulously painted on his question marks and made his scarf and lapels out of cloth to allow for clearer detail and allow him to sit down. I tried to make him a hat but just couldn't manage it. He did get a question mark umbrella though.
I'm a great believer that the look of figures do give off a certain personality and the Valorum face always gave my 7th Doctor a grumpy look. Perfect for his arch manipulator persona but it wasn't until CO released their smiley McCoy that I realised I missed his whacky, off the wall side.

Made April 2001
Another early make Ace has milliput sleeves, jacket and watch. Her outfit is from The Greatest Show In The Galaxy
First Appearance:

Though not an official Doctor Who character, this is the AFT's companion for the 8th Doctor.

Made April 2001

As with the 8th Doctor Dari had existed in custom 'dapol' form but for her AFT appearance, I changed her a bit.

I gave her jeans and a T shirt to make her a bit more trendy and modelled her hair on (then) DWM companion Izzy.

First Appearance:
Made April 2001
I took a bit more care over this Doctor, the second to be made, as he was the (then) current Doctor and I knew he'd be getting a lot of use.
I'd previously made a Dapol version so this was a pretty easy make with milliput hair, collar, cuffs cravat and waistcoat and cloth frockcoat.
He received a slight and temporary repaint for his finale The Infinity Program, turning the front of his hair grey for after his run-in with a Sentienz.
In the absence an official 8th Doctor figure, this one made an unexpected cameo in the tenth Doctor finale Godmaker.
First Appearance:
Made 2002
The 8th Doctor's other AFT companion came in the form of Jessica Reed.
This one hadn't appeared before and was made from scratch. Her hair partly based on Jennifer Aniston and her outfit taken from the pages of the Next Directory.
Made 2004
This feisty Time Lady was made to be Lord President of the Time Lords for the 8th Doctor finale, The Infinity Program
She uses the regular clone body and head (with a milliput wig) but her body
is made of sculpy. The arms are straight from a Phantom Menace Queen Amidala (battle). The cowel is made of sculpy.