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Made 2005
Doctor Who was coming back! And I wanted to make something special to celebrate.
This Doctor uses the "vinatage" Han Solo as its base. As such he's super articulated. The head has been modified using putty 
The jacket is cloth and sadly doesn't look at all leathery.
Made 2005
As with the Doctor, my new companion figure had to be well articulated so I chose an Attack of the Clones Padme.
First thing I had to do was resculpt the screaming mouth on the figure into something approximating Billy Piper's pout.
The original plan had been to provide her with different outfits hence the cloth jeans and cardigan look.
I also gave her cloth hair to preserve her neck articulation but when she appeared with hair up in The Long Game I decided to copy that hairstyle and outfit (about mid 2005)

In late 2005 with the 9th Doctor already departed, I decided to make a version that fitted in with the other Doctors I'd made and created this one using the same clone body I used for the others. It looks even less like Christopher Eccleston. Plus it's sloppy nature is an indication that I was becoming less interested in making my own, hoping that official ones were on the way.
Made late 2005
No AFT appearances.
This is Jack in his Parting of the Ways leather outfit and uses the body, head and legs of Han Solo (who donated his arms to the Clone project back in 2001) with the Dagobah Luke arms that had originally been moulded for the clones.
It's a cobbled together figure but it's not that bad. Look at the detail on those sleeves. Wow, I had a very steady hand that day!
Made 2005
No AFT appearances.
I think this and the next two figureswas made in week between Rose and The End of the World using reference photos from the Radio Times.
Casandra is a skin of sculpy while her frame is made of a frame from a plastic model kit. The base is foam board and those nobbles are teddy bear eyes. Cassandra even has a scuply brain in that tank.
The Moxx and Boe are both made of sculpy.
Made 2005
For the new Doctor I went back to my clone bodies and turned out this sloppy joe who debuted on the AFT a week after his TV counterpart.
Sometime after I started to make a new version using a Phantom Menace Obi Wan Kenobi but it was less than a few weeks before the first proper wave of official action figures were announced.

Made in late 2005
No AFT appearances
The first enemy of the new Doctor were showin the Radio Times and I used a couple of bootleg 'Spawn' type figures to make a pair. They're simple customs with sculpy helmets. The one on the left is the leader.
They are dressed in felt robes decorated with painted string and sculpy bones.
These (I think) were my last 3.75" custom Doctor Who figures.
So that's all the official Doctor Who stuff, but what about the others? There are a whole bunch of customs I made from other shows but lets start with the other Doctors.
First off there's DR WHO as portrayed by Peter Cushing.
This custom figure was made in 2005 using the usual clone method but the face is from a cast made of Governor Tarkin- as played by Peter Cushing!
This movie Doctor appeared on the AFT in a movie version of Earthshock
And then there's the alternative NINTH DOCTOR, voiced by Richard E Grant for the BBC website's animated 40th Anniversary adventure The Scream of the Shalka.
This figure was made in 2003 in the usual way but his waistcoat and cape are made of cloth. During the casting process I tried to squidge his head into a thinner shape more like the character but the resin resumed the shape it had been cast in.
I would have made him the incumbent Doctor on the AFT had the BBC not almost immediately announced that the TV series would be returning with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor.
Instead he appears in the 8th Doctor finale The Infinity Program as an alternate future version.

Rounding out the Scream of the Shalka wave comes the SHALKA herself, made of segments of sculpy parts.

The original plan was to give her an articulated mouth but I couldn't find a way to do it.

Also made in 2003, this figure has never been seen on the AFT.

To accompany the alternative 9th Doctor comes ALISON CHENEY.
I took some care over this figure since she was going to be the new ongoing companion. Just look at the detail on her hair
Also made in 2003, her only AFT appearance is a brief scene with the Doctor in The Infinity Program
While we're in the realm of 'alternates' here's my BERNICE SUMMERFIELD
Made 2004 for her appearance in the 8th Doctor's finale.
Benny is the Princess Leia (slave) head on a Mara Jade body with sculpy hair and ear rings.
And then there's these ALTERNATIVE CYBERMEN made in 2006 from a pair of bootleg 'Spawn' style Amazonians
With sculpy chest units and telephone wire details.
That's it for Doctor Who customs but check out the last page for some other TV shows and genres.