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first appearance

Made in 2001
This figure is based on me when I played the Doctor in a play at a party- that's the sort of party I go to. I was set to reprise the role the following year but was going to Edinburgh (play
Mr Spock in a play about Star Trek!) So I created this figure and made a short comedy video to be played in my absence. That video is on youtube.
But when the AFT began, I had a role for this figure, then named Thadius Torchwood (coining the anagramatical name a full three years before Russell T Davies mentioned it on TV.
The time travelling Victorian is introduced in Split Infinity but sharp eyed viewers can spot him in the background of the previous two stories and he goes on to help and hinder the Doctor on his travels until his death in The Dalek Invasion of Time in 2003.
But his story didn't end there.
In 2006, in response to the TV series Torchwood, I resurrected my Thadius for his own spin-off series but it didn't get beyond one episode. (More below)
This character continues in 5" form but this figure had an unexpected cameo in a flashback sequence for the tenth Doctor finale Godmaker
Made 2006
AFT Appearances: Torchwood series
Amelia Nethercot (aka Milly) was created a companion and love interest for Torchwood on his spin-off solo series.
She's made from a Hoth Leia with a cloth skirt complete with Victorian style bustle and press-stud fastening (thanks to Clare Clarke, wardrobe mistress of Horrible Histories)
For the Torchwood series, Milly was a mercenary and the last of her species although she doesn't know what species that is or why she was left behind. Over the course of six episodes she and Torchwood would follow that and other mysteries. It was planned that the series would end of a massive cliffhanger before continuing in the main Doctor Who series.
Only the first episode was completed and can be read here.
Made 2006
AFT Appearances: none.
These are aliens I came up with for my stories back in the late 80s. Now many years later they're immortalised in plastic.
They appear in several of my very old Doctor Who stories, a race of civilised aliens ruled by two warring classes, one scientific, the other religious.

Making my own figures was an opportunity to go back in time and correct the past- namely to finally have toys for much loved series that never had them.
The first of these was Sapphire & Steel, the strange sci fi/ supernatural show of the late 70s/ early 80s.
They were both made in 2002 and appeared in just one AFT adventure, though both figures later appear in Holding Tomorrow for the Doctor Who AFT.
Sapphire was originally made with short hair as she appeared one of her TV adventures. I figured that short hair would enable me to keep her head articulation but for me Sapphire always had long hair so by 2005 it was time to give her a make over.
By that time I was gearing up to do a second Sapphire and Steel adventure so I gave the pair of them a spruce, adding long hair and a new dress for Sapphire.

Steel remained the same apart from some new spots on his tie.
In addition to appearing in Holding Tomorrow, Steel appears in If Only as the mall manager.

From the very beginning it had been my intention that the AFT would be more than just Doctor Who and one other series I had my eye on was Blake's 7.
Though I'd never really watched it when it was originally shown I got into it in the 90s and was keen to do my own stories.
The core cast was never finished though, so it never got off the ground.
All four of my B7 figures appear in the abandoned 3rd Doctor story Firestorm.


Made 2002

The despicable and duplicitous Avon was the first character I made.

He has milliput details and a cloth tunic.



Made 2004

Vila was a very simple make with just new hair and a collar.

Made 2004
As with Yates and Benton I'd realised that sometimes my finer details were lost in milliput so Blake's collar is made of cloth as are his tunic and belt.
Made 2002
And finally we have the Mutoid, humanoid servants of the Federation.
As well as appearing in Firestorm, my Mutoid figure plays the companion role of Captain Scott in the Dr Who 'movie' Earthshock: Return of the Cybermen
PAPA LAZAROU from The League of Gentlemen
Made 2002
Not all of my customs were made for AFT stories. Some were made just for fun like this one based on the creepy carnival character.
He'd have made a great Doctor Who villain though.
He does actually make an appearance in the background of If Only

THE GENTLEMEN from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Made 2003

I was very into Buffy back in the day but a bit frustrated that the figures (and there lots of them) were in a scale of their own, completely incompatible with any of my existing collection.

So I woke up one day and thought, why not make my own?

I kicked off with my favourite monsters, The Gentlemen from the episode 'Hush' and clearly got it out of my system because I didn't make any more after this.

As with most of my figures, the Gentlemen have milliput details and painted cloth finishes their jackets.
While the resin was still pliable I bent the feet down into their 'dangling' position.
The bottom of their jackets have slots in them to

accommodate a stand allowing them to appear to float. Not shown here are the accessories I made for them of a doctor's bag and a quite ghastly looking heart.

Another potential AFT series that never was is The X Files
MULDER & SCULLY were made in 2004 using Paul and Amanda Kirby from Jurassic Park III
Their first episode (partially filmed) was a Doctor Who crossover called A Very British X-File
Mulder and Scully investigate a strange old man in an asylum drawing police boxes over the walls.
This leads Mulder to an X File that documents the appearance of police boxes throughout history.
That's the end of our little journey through time with toys. Hope you enjoyed it. :-D