Some of the regular crew do turns as extras on the Farragut  bridge including Tasha Yar, Ensign Ro, Dr Pulaski, Lt Barclay and even Dr Bashir who appears in his own right later.

Harry Kim from Voyager also appears as a Defiant engineer, with his back conveniently to the camera.

The mail away figure of Captain Calhoun (from the New Frontier books) appears as the Admiral. In the script he’s name checked as Admiral Donnolly.

For the Founder/Borg, I photoshopped Odo’s face onto Locutus.

The only regular TNG or DS9 crew member who doesn’t appear in any capacity is Lt Commander Worf. See continuity below.

In order of appearance

Romulan (shown twice)

Captain Sisko Doctor Crusher
Quark Lt Commander Data

Ensign Ro

Morn Tasha Yar
Andorian Ambassador Spock
Lursa (unseen) Mordeck (Mordok)
Leeta (unseen) M’Rel (Data in Romulan disguise)
Vogan (unseen) Rikos (Picard in Romulan disguise)


Borg x2

Captain Picard

Lt Kira

Doctor Bashir Odo
Doctor Pulaski Admiral (Captain Calhoun)

Deanna Troi

Lt Dax
Commander Riker Chief O’Brien
Lt Barclay Harry Kim

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By 1991 it was obvious that Doctor Who would not be back for a new series so I needed something else to fill the void. Star Trek filled the gap admirably. I’d grown up knowing the original series, seen all the movies and loved the Next Generation with its rumours from across the pond of a deadly new race called the Borg. (Back then we had no internet!)

I collected the (by then) defunct Galoob figures and in 1993 stumbled by chance on the new line of Playmates Next Generation figures complete with Borg! I promised myself I’d only buy the Borg and Deanna Troi (absent from the Galoob line). I lied. I bought all ten of the first wave and went on to get many, many more including the Deep Space Nine and Voyager figures too.

It was probably around 1997 that I hit upon the idea of making a Star Trek action figure film. A movie that would encompass as many of the figures I’d accrued and crossover The Next Generation with Deep Space Nine. I wrote most of the script for the hour long/ four part adventure before it hit the buffers. A lack of time and probably a loss of interest in Star Trek (especially with the return of Doctor Who via the TV Movie and renewed Dapol figures) scuppered it.

But the story still remained.

Fast forward to 2013. With the JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel on the horizon and the toy licence in the hands of Hasbro I began to hope that we might get some 3.75” figures. And that the line would be so successful it would go back and cover Next Generation as well (which I was more interested in than the rebooted Kirk and Spock.) Total pipedream, no such figures were even on the cards. But it did serve to remind me that I already had a wealth of great action figures. Totally inspired, I turned to the Star Trek: Legacy storyline to see if it could be done as a comic. The original plan had been to make it four episodes of four pages but I really wanted a weekly presence on the AFT site.

Fortunately (with maybe one or two exceptions) the sixteen individual pages seemed exciting and meaty enough to carry the story week by week.

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The movie script was written up to the final part where the Borg ship lifts off from the planet Kalrok and while it needed some editing and rejigging to get it into the AFT comic format the barebones remain very much in tact.

Even after that, I further edited the script as I storyboarded the seventeen pages. Some of the action towards the end has been split across several pages to avoid a rushed ending. A scene from page 14 where Sisko suggests the quantum singularity plan to O’Brien was cut, as I felt it wasn’t needed and gave away the solution too early.

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One of the stumbling blocks that prevented Legacy being made before is the wealth of accurate looking sets required. I fudged some of details by taking a few things from online. As such I won’t be able to put the sets up for download, sorry.
I did some corner cutting by realising that actual show reused sets. The Nebula class starship bridge computers are identical in shape to their Romulan counterparts.
The bulk of the shoot was conducted on 6th March 2013 with the scenes in the USS Discovery bridge, lab and ready rooms, the Kalrok facility control room and lab, the Romulan bridge and shuttle and the Borg ship interiors.
On 7th March I shot the scenes in Quark's on Deep Space Nine. This gave me enough footage to get the story underway for a few weeks. The remaining scenes were shot as they were next needed starting with the bulk of the 'green screen' model shots. Most of these used ships made by Galoob in the 90s. The only one I didn't have was the Jem'Hadar ship so I used and adapted pictures from online. The USS Grissom (Wrath of Khan) stands in for the Discovery.
On 1st May I shot the Farragut ready room scene and all the screen shots of the Admiral plus the Discovery corridor/ airlock scenes that I'd forgotten to do when I had the Discovery sets up in March.
The final shooting block was on 15th June for the Kalrok exteriors (using the same planet as Doctor Who: An Unfair Advantage) and continued on 16th June with the Defiant interiors.
The Defiant had been another stumbling block. With the other ships I could get away with some details but the Defiant had to be right but was only needed for a few panels. I solved the problem by using a backdrop rather than a full set.

The final bit of shooting was done on 20th August for the two panels in the Jem'Hadar ship and the Klingon ships that appear in the final panel.

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A good handful of the pages were edited and ready to go ahead of transmission of page 1. Others just needed to be lettered week by week but as time went by I found myself editing pages in the week they were to be posted online. I’m pleased to say that no episode was late however.

Editing on the final pages completed on 21 Aug.

Once scene cut from page 15 is an exchange with Odo and Quark about the appearance of the Romulan fleet. I felt it would be better to show the Romulans so their dialogue is said ‘off camera’ by Kira.

The end of the story after the destruction of the Borg ship was totally missing from the script and put together on 21st August. I always knew what it was intended to say though.

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Issue one was posted online on Friday 17th May and continued weekly until Friday 30th August.
The final issue contains two pages, partly to give less of a rushed conclusion and partly to wrap up Legacy a week early ahead of an 11 week run up to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary.

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One of the things that drew me to Star Trek initially was its in-universe continuity, both in terms of technology and in terms of timeline. As such, this story is steeped in continuity so I’ll try and take it a bit at a time.

The Enterprise and Romulans almost come to blows (in the Next Generation season 1 finale The Neutral Zone) over colonies apparently ‘scooped up’ from The Neutral Zone. We later learn that this is due to the Borg but this incursion was never really addressed in the series. It is now as Legacy suggests the Romulans brought the Borg ship down, as shown in the opening scene.

The stardate 48975.2 puts us squarely between seasons 3 and 4 of Deep Space Nine and after the movie Generations. The Enterprise D has been destroyed so I’ve assigned Picard and his crew to The Farragut- the ship that picks them all up after the Enterprise has been destroyed. (The main reason for this when the script was first written was because I didn't have a model of the Enterprise E but given all the continuity, I decided to keep it that way.)

In Deep Space Nine, season 3 ends with the revelation that the shape shifting Founders have already infiltrated the Alpha Quadrant.  This is why Picard doesn’t readily accept Sisko until he shows some blood- a way of proving identity that they use in the series.

The end of the story ties in with the DS9 season 4 opener The Way of the Warrior which sees Worf join the DS9 crew after a leave of absence at the Klingon monastery on Boreth- hence he is unable to appear in Legacy. Those are Klingon ships heading to Deep Space 9 determined to take on the Dominion.

Legacy also uses one of my favourite characters, the half human/ half Romulan villain Sela last seen in TNG’s season 5 Unification attempting to invade Vulcan. That story also sees Ambassador Spock defect to Romulus where we see him at the start of Legacy.

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