Season 21 (1984)
The Twin Dilema (4 eps)
Season 22 (1985)
Attack of the Cybermen (2 eps)
Vengeance on Varos (2 eps)
The Harvest of Death (4 eps)
The Mark of the Rani (2 eps)
The Two Doctors (3 eps)
Timelash (2 eps)
Revelation of the Daleks (2 eps)
Timelocked (1 ep)
Empire of the Time Lords (3 eps)
An Unfair Advantage (2 eps)
Season 23 (1986)
The Trial of A Time Lord
The Mysterious Planet (4 eps)
Mindwarp (4 eps)
Terror of the Vervoids (4 eps)
The Ultimate Foe (2 eps)
Warrior Queen (1 ep)
New Year's Eve (2eps)
The Marian Conspiracy (Big Finish Audio)
Crystal Palace (2 eps)
Pyramid of Traps (2eps)
Other Appearances
Type Forty (3 eps)

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Perpagilium (Peri) Brown
Planet of Fire- Mindwarp
Evelyn Smythe
The Marian Conspiracy-
Melanie Bush
Terror of the Vervoids- Dragonfire