Whatís the first thing you think of when you think of the fourth Doctor? The scarf. Either Dapol didnít realise, or they couldnít figure out how to do it. Should it be soft goods, moulded onto the body or a removable plastic item? Either way Dapol copped out and did none of the above. What weíre left with is a figure that just doesnít look quite right. Itís nice looking figure. As a Ďrepresentationí of Tom Bakerís Doctor it does well with its teeth and curls and has a certain Bakerish charm.
This figure was first announced in mid 1988 in the same ad that heralded the Dalek and Cyberman figures. But this figure wasn't released until 1991 due apparently to complex licensing issues with the BBC. The release came at the end of a something of a purple patch for Dapol- seeing a new figure released every month beginning with the Ice Warrior.
At the time it did the job of opening up the range to more than just the Sylvester McCoy era and finally gave K-9 a justification for existing. But this figure is another one that leaves you wishing Dapol had gone that extra mile.