Above, the original carded release.

Below, the updated Season 26 version

As the first action figure of a Doctor for ten years, the 7th Doctor has a lot of weight on his shoulders, which he bears well.

The face sculpt bears no relation to Sylvester McCoy at all. Itís almost as if they havenít bothered as Sylvesterís distinctive features arenít that difficult to at least approximate.
This Doctor exists in the happy Dapol universe, sporting a fixed grin as many future releases would. The tone that was set here with this figure canít be blamed entirely on Dapol. The figures were created during season 24 when Sylvester McCoy was still finding his feet and playing the role very much for comedy and the first releases of the Doctor and Mel fit that clownish season very well.
To itís credit the paint work is very well done- itís not easy to paint those question marks so perfectly.
The first release of the 7th Doctor had one hand flat, the other as a fist. Later versions would have open hands.

A brown coat/ grey scarf version was released in time with season 26 in 1989 to reflect the change of the Doctorís costume on screen.

Much later versions of this figure were released with umbrellas that were not painted and cast in a variety of colours including all red and even white.