The biggest tragedy of the TARDIS console is that it has only five sides. Hands up who at Dapol didnít do their research! The promised retooled six sided console sadly never materialised (no pun intended) so the 25th Anniversary set seems to be the only place to get one.

Like all Dapol products if you can get passed the flaws, itís a lovely toy and filled a gap long before the new series brought the wonderful glut of toys.


The TARDIS police box was at the time the best toy police box you could get and it still holds its own today with its opening doors to reveal a roundel walled interior and beautiful flashing light. I spent many an hour with the TARDIS under the dining room furniture, itís gently oscilating lamp the casting itís eerie blue illumination over a petrified jungle of chair and table legs.

The ingenuity of the Dapol TARDIS is that once you remove the roof, it can be pulled in half and with the addition of another wall piece forms the walls to the console room. I have to note here that the roundels themselves are very series accurate. The central piece wasn't included in my set but Dapol very kindly sent me one separately.

The console itself is a work of art with its intricately sculpted buttons and switches. The central column lights up in red and the screens also light up. The column rises and falls with unfortunately a very loud noise. Not so much a time rotor, more a time motor but I guess thatís what we had at the time.