The likeness isnít all that. She looks a bit more manly than Sophie Aldred, but by this time weíd come to realise that Dapolís output was more about stylised representations of characters rather than screen accurate figures. Actor likeness aside, Ace is a figure thatís had a lot of effort spent on it. The jacket is recreated in almost perfect detail with every little badge painstakingly recreated. Articulation is good with neck, hip, knee, elbow and ball jointed shoulders the standard by this time.

Fresh from her appearance in Remembrance of the Daleks, the Ace figure also comes packed with a baseball bat and a rucksack attached through the simple device of a hole in the back.
While this figure is a joy it was one of those that was a LONG time coming. When the line began in mid 1988, Mel had already been replaced by Ace. This figure was announced certainly by 1989, but it didnít appear until 1990 when Dapol had a short burst of a new figure every month.