There it was. Emblazoned on the side of the box in bold letters. What other characters? What else was there?
With no knowledge of the toy industry and absolutely no concept of how long it took to get one figure through production not to mention the lengthy BBC licensing issues I expected to see dozens of new characters appearing in the shops immediately.
The sad fact was of course that as one of the first people to get the 25th Anniversary set, I also had the longest wait for something new- something that would become Dapol's trademark.
To be fair it was only a couple of months before the next advert proclaiming their forthcoming releases including the 4th Doctor and Cyberman (available November 1988)
While the Cyberman was about a year late, we had to wait three years for the 4th Doctor.
In 1987, the future of Doctor Who was on shakey ground. Just two years previously the show had been 'rested' for eighteen months and it's lead actor sacked. Lack of money and a changing TV industry were drastically affecting the show and within another two years it would be off the air permanently.
That a toy company was prepared to take the risk at this time to invest in a line of figures either shows Dapol's complete faith in the product or a complete lack of business sense.
I'd like to think it's the former as over the years Dapol did announce a large number of figures and kept the range going for some time even after the series had ended and in spite of some disasters.