In the early 90s a fire destroyed most of the Dapol factory denying us some of the promised goodies like the Emperor Dalek and the Whomobile and may have contributed to the delays to the last few releases.
The other event that inevitably put the mockers on the range was the cancellation of the TV series itself.
However, it wasn't long before the TV Movie in 1996 would give the whole Doctor Who universe a kick start and Dapol were clearly keen to join in releasing their Master figure within a year and starting a further range of releases.
Incidentally, after the release of the Master I telephoned Dapol to ask what else they were planning. At this point I was told about the two Silurians and the "early Cyberman" (more on him later)
But they also mentioned "Caroline John" and "Lis Sladen"! I have no other information as to whether Liz Shaw and Sarah Jane Smith figures were actually on the cards or what happened to them if they were.