All good things come to an end and unfortunately so did the Dapol range.
In 2001 perhaps with their licence on its way out, perhaps due to prohibitive costs, Dapol chose to change from articulated figures to non articulated resin statues, still in scale with their previous releases.

The first release- the 'early Cyberman' is quite impressive. It's a great shame that he was not released as an articulated figure as was apparently originally intended.

Their later offerings of the second Doctor and first Doctor retain Dapol's cartoonish style. The next planned figure was the Yeti but this never made it before Dapol lost their licence altogether.
Had these characters been articulated they would have been worthy additions to the range but I could not bring myself to support such a radical and in my opinion backward step so I parted company with the official toys and began to make my own customs..



Love them or hate then there's no denying that the Dapol figures were quirky. They were certainly of their time- in a period when Doctor Who was perhaps at one of it's lowest ebbs, the public at large didn't even know it was still there and cared even less and even some die hard fans were sniping at it, along came a company that was prepared to put its money where its mouth was and celebrate the greatness of Doctor Who.
The Dapol figures are like the classic series itself, cheeky in their quirkiness and up front about their limitations. What they sorely lack in quality they exude in enthusiasm.
You could never get away with releasing something like this today but for a kid in the 80s desperate for his hero to fight alongside Luke Skywalker on the planet Duvet against the combined might of Darth Vader and the Daleks, they were exactly what the Doctor ordered.
And for that they will always be fondly remembered.