For some reason the Cyberman's name is absent from the original card release resulting in it sometimes being advertised as a "W9"


The Cyberman was announced at the same time as the Dalek but we had to wait a lot longer for it. It’s based on the ‘Earthshock’ variety- out of date by the time of its release as Silver Nemesis had updated their look.

The figure is excellent, well articulated and highly detailed. Some concessions have been made with the sculpt- the chest unit is a lot less chunky and more moulded into the torso- presumably to make it easier to cast. The head is also squashed a little leading to a slightly elongated looking Cyberman. But on the whole, it looks great especially on mass marching towards the TARDIS.

This figure could have benefited from the addition of a Cyber gun but at this point in the range, accessories were virtually non existent. Something painfully evident in their 4th Doctor!