Unlike the human figures itís not hard to get K-9 wrong. Sure, Dapol have taken some liberties and given him a smooth rounded tail section but on the whole he looks like he did on screen. It comes with an unintrusive action feature (that would return for the Daleks too) a pull back and go motion, with a cute nodding head and wagging tail to boot.

When it was released in 1988, K-9 had disappeared from our screens some five years previously with no sign of returning, but since this was a range of figures covering the whole series and K-9 was an iconic figure of that series, its inclusion here (even with the current Doctor and companion) isnít as incongruous as some of Dapolís later releases.

I am ofcourse ignoring the original blaring gaff that the first release of the figure was green rather than grey. One of many problems Dapol had caused by a complete lack of reference material.