The irony of a long gestation period for the figures is that the character of Mel had already left the series before her figure was released.

Although hardly the most popular character in the series history, this figure was probably the best of the first wave of releases, thereís a lot to like here. Itís a beautiful sculpt with detail from the boots, to the puffy blouse sleeves, to Melís impossibly curly hair.


The face isnít quite Bonny Langford but itís a lot closer than Sylvester McCoyís is and a lot better than many of the human characters released. This character with her vivacious, breathless enthusiasm has more justification to smile that many other figures.

If Dapol were to go the extra mile with this figure, they could have painted the top stripy as it appeared in Time And The Rani but even at this early stage we can see that Dapol intended these figures to be broad representations of the characters, not screen accurate renderings.

Mel was later released with a blue blouse reflecting her appearance in Paradise Towers. Again, the extra mile would have added white spots.