Apart from the inclusion of K-9, the first wave of figures (ie the 25th Anniversary set) was clearly based on Time And The Rani- the 7th Doctor, the pink top Mel and the Tetrap. If they’d made the Rani, my happiness would really have been complete.

As the first monster in the range, the Tetrap was bang up to date and was really a rather good figure, excellently sculpted, with good articulation and real leather wings which on the original release were attached to the figures arms. Later releases would feature the wings in one piece which had to be attached yourself.

Articulation wise, the Tetrap sports neck, hip, knee, elblow and ball jointed shoulders. One of his lower legs is at a jaunty angle from the knee allowing the Tetrap a lumbering pose as seen on the telly. If this figure were to be improved it would only be by the inclusion of a net gun as seen in the show but as it stands it was a good figure and certainly bode well for the future of the line.