The Time Lords are such a Doctor Who icon. These figures emulated the cost effective concept of the Daleks- one figure that could use different liveries. Curiously (or maybe in typical Dapol style) some of the colour schemes did not appear on TV. The opulent and quite beautiful cream colour is clearly the Lord President (as seen in The Deadly Assassin and Arc of Infinity) the brown could be the Castellan (Arc of Infinity/ The Five Doctors) and the burgundy is evidently the Prydonian colour scheme. The grey could be in reference to the more functional garb of lesser Time Lords like Damon (Arc of Infinity) though their raiments are usually beige.

All the Time Lords sport gold collars (though they come in two different sizes) and cast a classic Time Lord silhouette. They lack leg articulation due to their solid plastic robes but this is compensated by ball jointed shoulders and articulated elbows. The one disappointing feature is the cartoony face complete with chubby grin. Not very Time Lordish. A serious, even austere face would have served better, but they fit nicely in the Dapol toy world where even the august and decadent can be quite nice really.