From the strange air craft, Warst’s team are trying to raise the base Snow Top 7 on the communicator with no response. Given the adverse weather up the mountain, the pilot is forced to land and the team will continue on foot.

The TARDIS crew watch them land and seeing that the occupants are human, begin to wave. The humans appear to wave back until Barbara realises that the ice plane behind them is collapsing and the humans are warning them.

They all run to avoid the ice collapse.

The TARDIS tumbles into the sea and the Doctor almost follows it until the aircraft swoops in and catches him.

The Doctor and his companions have no choice but to join Warst’s team as they trek up the mountain. The aircraft departs and out to sea, it gets shot down. Underneath the acid surface, someone finds the TARDIS.

The high pitch causes an avalanche. Everyone is buried in the falling snow!


The travellers are unhurt. As the Doctor emerges from the snow he comments “That avalanche was fortuitous, Chesterfield. We’ve found the tunnel through the mountain.”

They emerge into a vast cave in the volcano with a cable car across it.

But halfway across, the car jolts to a stop. Ian and Warst go onto the roof and look back to see:

Ian uses the cable car hatch to deflect the laser fire back at the Voord!
But other Voord are shooting from below. Susan realises that they need to get the car across and climbs along the wire to reach the controls on the other side, followed by Ian and Warst. Still in the cable car, Barbara begins to throw things at the Voord below.

Susan reaches the controls as they are blasted by the Voord. Another bolt begins to burn through the cable and knocks Warst off but Ian manages to catch him. The two men reach Susan and the edge of the ravine just as the cable snaps and the car with the Doctor, Barbara and Jayk is sent plummeting…


The Doctor, Barbara and Jayk jump clear and land in the soft snow. They run from the Voord and begin to make their way to Snow Top 7 as do Ian, Warst and Susan higher up the mountain.

Ian’s team reaches the base first and finds it deserted. Using equipment at the base, they discover a magnetic source beneath the ice is causing the ice to melt and consequently the acid sea levels to rise. The Voord are behind it an killed the Snow Top team to stop the information getting out.

And now Voord attack them.

Ian, Susan and Warst escape in a snow tank, bursting out of the base sending the Voord flying.

In the Voord base, with the risk of discovery, they decide to accelerate their plan by releasing a balloon filled with carbon dioxide to seal in radiation and raise the planet’s temperature, melting the ice caps.

Ian realises that their tank is amphibious and suggests taking it into the acid lake and to the Voord base below.

The Doctor, Barbara and Jayk, captured by the Voord, arrive at the undersea base where on a screen, they can see the amphibious tank on its way.
The Voord leader picks up a remote control. “Now you will see the might of the Voords.”
The tank is battered by a sea creature, the Marinadon, that seems to be defending the base. To Susan’s horror acid begins to leak in…


Acid is leaking into the tank and they are too far from the surface to go back. Their only hope is to reach the Voord base but the Marinadon bars their way.

In the Voord base, the Doctor grabs the remote control, realising that it is controlling the Marinadon. The tank is clear to reach the Voord base before the Voord can overcome the Doctor.

When Ian, Susan and Warst reach the bay and disembark, they find the familiar sight of the TARDIS before they are captured and reunited with their friends.

Here the Voord reveal their magnetic device and also their plan to launch the balloon. At the right altitude, the carbon dioxide released will cover the planet like a blanket. In rage, Warst pulls out a bomb and throws it. It explodes against the wall and the acid sea begins to flood in.

In the confusion, the Doctor grabs the remote for the Marinadon, while Ian grabs a Voord harpoon gun. The travellers all pile into the TARDIS as the Voord splash about in the acid. Determined to win, the Voord leader launches the balloon.

The Marinadon, under the Doctor’s remote control returns the TARDIS to the surface.

Warst and Jayk prepare to alert the authorities to the plans of the Voord. Just then, the Voord balloon begins to rise from the lake. Ian uses the harpoon gun to deflate it. At this safe height it poses no great threat.

Warst and Jayk turn to thank the time travellers but the TARDIS is already on its way…
Rebel Commander
Rebel Soldier (Hoth)
Princess Leia (Hoth)

Two Voord were made for the story. They are cheap but very well articulated soldier figures. The Voord were made from two diver figures, complete with flippers. The heads were made using Super Sculpy. The detail on the front of the helmet is made of telephone wire.

The First Doctor
Ian Chesterton
Barbara Wright

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This story has been around for years. It was first written in 2000 as a continuation of the 8th Doctor videos that were being made. Back then the story was set on Earth and the enemies were the Silurians and Sea Devils. The Doctor destroyed the Silurian balloon by chasing after it on skis before leaping, catching the balloon and letting the gas out. Instead of killing all the reptiles, there was a rebel Silurian sect that the Doctor helped into power who would then negotiate with the humans.
When the AFT began, the story was adapted to feature the 5th Doctor, Tegan and Turlough where the enemies would be the N'Gor (who went on to appear in the aborted Firestorm). When I made my custom Voord, it seemed obvious that a return to Marinus would be on the cards and this story fitted the bill perfectly.

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The cable car ledge. Note the blue screen where the ice cavern would have been placed later.

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Filming finally began in the week commencing 24 Sept 2006 starting with the TARDIS interior and then moving to the relatively complex ice plane, mountain side and the ice cavern ledge. The set for the cable car was constructed and sat around for sometime before it was realised that the story was going to be abandoned.

Below, the mountain side consisted of a scrunched up snowy image and a mountian backdrop.

That the story got as far as this is a miracle. It seems like everything conspired to get in its way.
The constant rewrites of the story (first as an 8th Doctor Sea Devil story, then as 5th Doctor story with a new monster and finally for the 1st Doctor and the Voord) took a lot of the enthusiasm I had for the tale.
At the time I was filming it I didn't have enough time and energy to devote to it and lengthy scenes such as the cable car crossing, which would have been time consuming to shoot and edit, caused the production to stall.
Additionally as with most of these abandoned stories, it was a case of the figures just not cutting the mustard while plenty of people were using the new 5" figures to make customs of the classic Doctors that looked far better than mine ever could. And having devoted so much energy to making my set, I was loath to recreate them all in a new scale when maybe (just maybe) there would be official ones somewhere along the line.
The Seas of Marinus was supposed to have been posted online on June, July, August and September 2007. But as it turned out, only the first page saw the light of day, as an additional scene at the end of Land of the Dinosaurs.

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The only continuity references in the story relate to The Keys of Marinus with its acid seas and the Voord's attempts to take over the planet.

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