When I was growing up, the onset of Autumn was always an exciting time. A new school year, new beginnings and new series of TV shows including (best of all) Doctor Who.
In the spirit of that time, the AFT wants to transport you back to the 1970s as we welcome the Fourth Doctor back to the site.
Character Option's Fourth Doctor figure was released in 2008 and despite several attempts, I haven't managed to do a fourth Doctor story yet.
That will be rectified for the rest of 2010 as we present not one but three stories, totalling nine episodes.
To accompany him on his travels, the Doctor will be joined by a character I invented back in my childhood days. Wun Tun was created to join my Denys Fisher Doctor and  was at the time, my answer to Adric- a space artful dodger. The character was also resurrected in the 90s to join the Dapol 4th Doctor and appeared in the AFTs The Hidden Armada in 2008.
Now, with a figure made by Malcolm (Babyjelly) Orr, he finally gets an introduction (and an explanation of his decidely 70s unPC name) in the first story THE SPACE MUTANT which begins next week.
The three stories do follow on from each other but there's no ongoing 'arc' as such.
The next story The Gift of the Benevolence (beginning in October) sees the TARDIS land in the middle of a parade...
But what dangers wait in the wings...?

The final story is a real Christmas treat: a five part story to be posted daily sometime around Christmas.
White Christmas sees the return of a couple of old enemies and thanks to another figure from Babyjelly, an old friend too.
The Adventure begins online now. Click here!