4th Doctor (Seeds of Doom)
Wun Tun (custom by Babyjelly)
Sarah Jane (custom by Babyjelly)
4th Doctor (Robot)
Ingrid Fox (custom)
Ingridís Secretary (Lester from Primeval)
Doctor Constantine
Aunt Lavinia Smith (custom)
Ikdel (Ice Warrior)
Sskarl (Ice Warrior)
Giant insect (from Godzilla)
Forest kids (Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Herminoe Grainger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy)
Desert men (Cairo Swordsman and Sallah from Indiana Jones)
Axiom Secuity Guard (Ryan from Primeval) CUT FROM FINISHED COMIC
Lavinia is an Invasion of the Bane Sarah Jane made by removing the hair and replacing it with a Sculpy perm. But Sarah Janeís mop has not been wasted. It was used to give Ingrid a 70s makeover.
As with Wun Tun, I didn't trust myself to do a good enough job on a classic Sarah Jane so again turned to the maestro Babyjelly who provided this one based on her Terror of the Zygons outfit.

Ryan from Primeval was used as a security guard at Axiom for the scene where Sarah Jane breaks in but ended up on the cutting room floor. The image of her standing behind him wielding a pair of wire cutters made it look like she was about to clout him on the head. Not the intention. So poor Ryan had to be removed.

As planned this story ran between 20th December and 24th December 2010, one episode daily.

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The relationship of the Doctor and his companions was never really been explored in the classic series. We accept that this Time Lord chooses to travel time and space with (normally) young women with no hint of hanky panky.
I'm not suggesting by any means that the Doctor has anything more than a platonic bond for all his companions. But certainly there are one or two that seem to get closer to the Doctor than any other and when Sarah Jane returns in School Reunion her love for the Doctor is obvious and unashamed.
And for the first time we get a glimpse into the Doctor's feelings on the matter as Rose (the first companion that the Doctor, albeit in human form, settles down with) and Sarah Jane are directly compared. She's even referred to as 'the ex'. And if you need any more proof of the Doctor's affection- Sarah's the only companion that gets sent a K-9.
There are some that say to give the Doctor 'human' feelings is to cheapen him but I think it strengthens and deepens the character. The third Doctor was clearly upset at losing Jo, especially to someone described as 'a younger' Doctor. But while the fourth Doctor may feel deeply he doesn't show it in the normal way. With hindsight, we can suspect he was afraid of getting too close to Sarah Jane and used his summons to Gallifrey as an excuse to cut the relationship short. And not just with her. I think it's very fitting that the fourth Doctor uncomfortable with emotional displays makes a grand sweeping gesture, not only cutting out the object of his 'affection' but cutting out her entire planet. From The Hand of Fear onwards, the fourth Doctor only once returns to the twentieth Century England (The Sones of Blood and even then hardly from choice), a regular haunt of his since the end of his second incarnation. Additionally, he never takes another contemporary companion until Tegan blunders into the TARDIS on the day of his regeneration.
For the Christmas special and as the end of a five month run of Fourth Doctor stories, I wanted an event. Like the 10th Doctor's finale Godmaker last November, White Christmas would be an epic five episodes posted daily for a week. As such, it's a conglomeration of several ideas and inspirations.
The seeds of the plot came back in early 2008 when I created the character of Ingrid Fox as a villain for Sarah Jane. The Doctor and Sarah Jane clearly had a history with Ingrid that I knew would be interesting to explore. And with the Ice Warrior figures announced at pretty much the same time, I knew they'd be involved too. When Mr Smith in The Hidden Enemy give a brief run down of Ingrid's history, I threw in a couple of references. The first was the "Axiom Incident". White Christmas would be that story.
Another idea was to explore the relationship between the Doctor and Sarah Jane from his point of view. See Doctor In Love (right)
Within that framework a few other things cropped up, including why the Doctor sent Sarah Jane K-9 mark 3 and I couldn't resist offering up a possible explanation for the UNIT dating controversy. It's silly and implausible. But hey, it's Doctor Who and it's Christmas.

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The first scenes to be shot were the past TARDIS interior using the Season 12 Tom Baker figure. These were done on 22 July 2010 continuing on the 3 August with Sarah Jane's office, the hospital, Lavinia's house interior and front door.
For the 4th August, scenes were completed for Sarah Jane breaking into the Axiom building, the Axiom corridors including the exit to the roof and the outside of the frozen control room. The Control room interior, roof and the exterior and interior of the Scottish castle ending with Ingrid's escape pod and the desert cutaway.
Ingrid's escape pod is a hamster ball that I started to turn into a Sontaran spaceship. It was previously used in Crystal Palace as a rejuvenating machine and will return as a Dalek sensor pod.
The final scenes set in the TARDIS and featuring the 'present day' fourth Doctor were not filmed until 26 November, long after getting the Seeds of Doom Tom for my birthday. At this time, I also reshot the final scene of the Doctor dropping off K-9's crate.

The original shot of the Doctor watching Lavinia. Having the Doctor so close made it look like he was actually talking to her rather than watching from afar.

The sets were deliberately modelled on the corridors and control room of Battersea Power Station. I was keen that Axiom would be based in a London landmark. On the assumption that Lavinia was in St Thomas' hospital on the bank of the Thames, it wouldn't take Sarah Jane long to reach Battersea making it the obvious choice.

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A lot of the editing was done in mid September with the 'present day' Doctor scenes waiting until late November. Lettering was added to the final page on 12 Dec in plenty of time for posting.
The original title was Death In The Snow but changed to White Christmas in the Summer of 2010
The Ice Warriors' dialogue is presented in blue bubbles to represent their rasping voices. A few extra 'sss' were added where necessary during the lettering. I forgot to do this on page one of part four.
The image of the TARDIS landing outside the Scottish castle uses a picture of Arundel Castle. Arundel was seen as Windsor in Silver Nemesis.
For the scenes of snow falling around the world I've used a frame from Harry Potter and the Unstoppable Monster. Sorry. Didn't have time to set up a whole new set for one picture.
Although we've seen her battle with the tenth Doctor in Godmaker, this is the story of their first meeting.
The Axiom Incident was mentioned by Mr Smith in The Hidden Enemy (see left). At the time I had no idea what it was about.
So what's the Magenta Campaign I hear you cry?
No idea! Yet.
(below, Ingrid from Godmaker referring to the then unwritten White Christmas)
In her UNIT article, Sarah Jane refers to the events of The Invasion of the Dinosaurs from Season 11. I've placed that event in 1979 but there's no real evidence for that. See UNIT dating below.
In case you didn't realise, the "errand" that the Doctor runs at the end of the story is to drop of K-9 Mark III. The year 1978 is from K-9 & Company.
For the 'present day' Doctor (shown in grey coat and hat) this story comes directly after The Gift of the Benenvolence. He is repairing the damage to the TARDIS sustained at the end of that story. It's probable that this Doctor, K-9 and Wun Tun will return at some point.

For the 'past' Doctor I decided this story takes place between The Seeds of Doom and The Masque of Mandragora simply because of the TARDIS console room. With hindsight, I should have used the Season 14 wood panelled console room to differentiate more between past and present. I should probably have used the Pyramids of Mars 4th Doctor too but I didn't have him at the time.


One long running contentious issue to anyone foolhardy enough to try and keep a chronology of events in the Whoniverse (like me)  is the dating of UNIT stories. The production team at the time intended that UNIT was a few years in the future, allowing for differences such as video phones, a female Prime Minister or BBC3.
In The Sontaran Stratagem, the tenth Doctor mentions working for UNIT "in the seventies. Or was it the eighties?" an in-joke from Russel T Davies .
It would all be fine were it not for one story- Mawdryn Undead.
This 5th Doctor story set in 1977 and 1983 was supposed to see the return of school teacher Ian Chesterton but when William Russell proved unavailable, Chesterton was swapped out for The Brigadier. So far so good. Except now we have a retired Brigadier in 1976 when he was still working for UNIT "a few years in the future"- certainly around 1980 as Sarah Jane directly names that as her time in Pyramids of Mars. K-9 & Company also muddies the waters, being set in 1981 with the crate containing K-9 mark 3 having been in Lavinia's attic since 1978.
Although not it's main purpose, White Christmas seeks to offer a possible explanation for this discrepancy. As I mentioned before, it's scientifically ludicrous and ignores all established fiction temporal physics but does that really matter?
For the record I suggest it was done again and there are two 2010s. There's no other explanation for Luke's calendar in series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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