Season 19 (1982)

Castrovalva (4 eps)
Four To Doomsday (4 eps)
Kinda (4 eps)
Black Orchid (2 eps)
Earthshock (4 eps)
Time Flight (4 eps)

Season 20 (1983)

Arc of Infinity (4 eps)
Snakedance (4 eps)
Mawdryn Undead (4 eps)
Terminus (4 eps)
(The Peace Engine)
(The Juditia)
Enlightenment (4 eps)
The King's Demons (2 eps)
The Changing of Bracchis (2 eps)
Plastinate (3 eps)
The Five Doctors (1 feature length)

Season 21 (1984)

Warrirors of the Deep (4 eps)
The Awakening (2 eps)
Decoy To Denebola (2 eps)
The Phoenix Rises (2 eps)
System Restore (2 eps)
Frontios (4 eps)
Resurrection of the Daleks (4 eps)
Planet of Fire (4 eps)
The Caves of Androzani (4 eps)

Other Appearances

Type Forty (3 eps)
Time Crash


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Full Circle- Earthshock
The Keeper of Traken- Terminus
Tegan Jovanka
Logopolis- Resurrection of the Daleks
Vislor Turlough
Mawdryn Undead- Planet of Fire
The King's Demons- Planet of Fire
Perpagilium (Peri) Brown
Planet of Fire- Mindwarp