Season 1 (1963/4)
An Unearthly Child (4 eps)
The Daleks (7 eps)
The Edge of Destruction (2 eps)
Marco Polo (7 eps)
The Keys of Marinus (6 eps)
Land of the Dinosaurs (3 eps)
(The Seas of Marinus)
The Aztecs (4 eps)
The Sensorites (6 eps)
The Reign of Terror (6 eps)
Season 2 (1964/ 5)
Planet of the Giants (3 eps)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth (6 eps)
Fast Return by Jim Sangster (1 ep)
The Rescue (2 eps)
The Romans (4 eps)
The Web Planet (6 eps)
The Crusades (4 eps)
The Space Museum (4 eps)
The Chase (6 eps)
The Time Meddler (4 eps)
Season 3 (1965/6)
Galaxy Four (4 eps)
Mission To The Unknown (1 ep)
The Myth Makers (4 eps)
The Dalek Master Plan (12 eps)
The Massacre (4 eps)
The Ark (4 eps)
The Celestial Toymaker (4 eps)
The Gunfighters (4 eps)
The Savages (4 eps)
The War Machines (4 eps)
The Phoenix Rises (2 eps)
Nemesis From Nowhere (2 eps)
The Trodos Conundrum (1 ep)
The Fate of the Shimmerlings (2 eps)
Season 4 (1966/ 7)
The Smugglers (4 eps)
The Tenth Planet (4 eps)
Other Appearances
The Three Doctors (4 eps)
The Five Doctors (1 feature length)
Type Forty (3 eps)

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Susan "Foreman"
An Unearthly Child- The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Barbara Wright
An Unearthly Child- The Chase
Ian Chesterton
An Unearthly Child- The Chase
The Rescue- The Myth Makers
Steven Taylor
The Chase- The Savages
The Myth Makers- The Dalek Masterplan
Sara Kingdom
The Dalek Masterplan
Dorothea (Dodo) Chaplet
The Massacre- The War Machines
Agent Mark Seven (AFT only)
Nemesis From Nowhere -
The War Machines - The Faceless Ones
Ben Jackson
The War Machines - The Faceless Ones