The First Doctor
The figure of Mark 7 began life as a Series 1 Captain Jack in his RAF uniform. I've added his belt, bandolier, utility belt and cuff detail in green stuff and painted the whole thing.
His gun is a custom creation using a piece of sprue from model kit and the bendy part of a drinking straw, held together with green stuff.
Mark's rocket ship is a rubber model ship painted silver, although the paint has mostly flaked off. It has been coloured in photoshop for it's blue/ yellow and rusted liveries.
The Doctor's cape has been made from a circle of black material draped over his shoulders. No sewing required.
Mark Seven (custom Captain Jack)
Kraath (customs)

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Dec 2009 - Jan 2010

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I've always been a fan of the Hartnell era and loved the very 60s sci fi turn it took in season three with The Dalek Masterplan. Plus I always thought there was more mileage in the companion of Sara Kingdom (yes, I DO consider her to be a proper companion.)
Recently, DWM ran an article about Terry Nation's planned US Dalek series which featured the Space Security Service and among other people, the robotic character Mark 7.
The prospect of a Doctor that has just only just developed a 'human' morality from his companions passing that on to a robotic companion was tantalising and that's what I hope to achieve with the Doctor/ Mark pairing.

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The infrared view of Mark from 'Vega X22' uses a picture of a Terminator figure.



The set for the Dalek ship is based on that from The Dalek Masterplan. The Dalek base scenes were shot back to back with the interior scenes of The Secret of Vega 22- a mini story introducing Mark 7 that was originally posted on Outpost Who.
That story can now be read here.

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The original nemesis was to have been the Mechanoids but then the Kraath were created and were given this rematch with the first Doctor. Prior to that, it was to be a solely Dalek adventure and some elements of their original plan still remain.

Original Storyline

With the war going badly, the Daleks are in retreat but steadfastly hold a seemingly insignificant small planet. As the Doctor and Mark discover though, the Daleks intend to send this planet through time and space and use it as a staging area for an attack on Earth.

With this plan thwarted, Mark accidentally sets the TARDIS in motion just as they realise the Daleks are about to launch an even more deadly strike.

For the rest of their time together, the Doctor and Mark would constantly be trying to get back to the year 4005. I decided to drop that element of the arc though something from page 1 of episode 2 will be picked up on in the future...

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A sneaky peak at the next adventure for the Doctor and Mark on the planet- well that would be telling...

The year is 4005, five years after The Dalek Masterplan. I conject that following the exposure of Mavic Chen the Daleks and humanity began all out war- as alluded to in the many Terry Nation Dalek annuals.
In terms of the first Doctor's own timeline, I think I've settled for somewhere during The War Machines. There is no point in the first Doctor's tenure that he travels alone, certainly not between stories.
Certainly, we must be after The Dalek Masterplan as the Doctor recalls Bret Vyon and Sara Kingdom. I suggest that at some point during The War Machines, with Dodo on Earth, the Doctor is taken out of time (for either The Three Doctors or The Five Doctors) and is now heading back.
Or we could just forget the continuity thing altogether and say it happened at some point in the first Doctor's life.

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NEXT TIME: A new adventure for the second Doctor and Jamie!