Cast in Order of Appearance Mae Lin- (SW Ep6)
Jess (old)- Shmi Skywalker Weequay (SW Vintage)
8th Doctor (Paul McGann)- custom Greedo (SW Vintage)
Jess Read- custom Nikto (SW Vintage)
Dari- custom Gamourrean Guard (SW Vintage)
Daleks- custom Kit Fisto (SW Ep2)
Mk6 Cybermen- custom Ree Yees (SW Vintage)
Jess' mum- Shmi Skywalker Shaak Tii (SW Ep2)
Ace- custom Ketwol (SW Ep1)
Eldrex- custom Yak Face (SW Vintage)
Chancellory Guard- custom Squid Face (SW Vintage)
Romana II- custom Ayy Vida (SW Ep2)
Lady President- custom Pote Snitkin (SW Ep5)
League of Time Enabled Races: Labrun Neids (SW Ep4)
Mr Spock (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) Barada (SW Vintage)
Ilia (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) G2-4T (SW Star Tours)
Arcturian (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) Wat Tambor (SW Ep 2)
Zaranite (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) Asaj Ventress (SW Clone Wars)
Ovion (Battlestar Galactica) San Hill (SW Ep2)
Skeletron (Action Force) Deepa Belaba (SW Ep1)
Ikira (Xyber 9) Djas Pur (SW Ep4)
Snake (Space Precinct) Refractors: Imperial Sentinel (SW Expanded Universe)
Kirith Ambassador- custom The Master- (custom)
Sentienz- custom Kirith Commander- Kirathi General (Wing Commander)
Dex Jettster (Star Wars Ep 2) Kirith Subordinate- Kilrathi Pilot (Wing Commander)
Amanaman (Star Wars vintage) Alternate 9th Doctor (Richard E Grant)- custom
Rancor Keeper (Star Wars vintage) Alison Cheney- custom
Benny Summerfield- custom 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)- custom
As the biggest AFT Doctor Who story ever The Infinity Program has a cast list to match and many new figures were needed and made specifically.
Benny Summerfield is a  Mara Jade with Princess Leia (Jabba's slave) head. Her look is based on the cover of Love & War.
The Master was initially based on the original, Roger Delgado but after painting I think he looks more like Jonathan Pryce from the Comic Relief spoof The Curse of Fatal Death.
The Sentienz are new GI Joes with Sculpy claws.
The Lady President uses Queen Amidala arms, and my stock female head (based on Leia, Jabba's Slave) with a sculpy body and collar.
Eldrex was a Chancellor Palpatine figure from Star Wars: Episode 2, repainted and with added sculpey collar.
The Kirith Ambassador had originally been a Nyssa figure that hadn't quite worked out. She was seen in another story Plants & Animals as the scientist Jane.

Who's who in The Infinity Program?

There are a lot of characters in the story, not just from the TV series but also from the various new media that continued the story while Doctor Who was off the air. If you're not familiar with all of them, here's what you need to know.


The Infinity Program was a chance to sweep the boards ahead of the new series and deal with any outstanding continuity issues. One "issue" that had been there since before the TV series was announced: The Richard E Grant 9th Doctor.
Back in 2003, at the height of the 40th Anniversary buzz, the BBC cult website unveiled a new 6 part fully animated webcast featuring a totally new Doctor voiced by Richard E Grant. At the time he was hailed as the "official" 9th Doctor with a recent past that was only hinted at in The Scream of the Shalka but which would be explored as he travelled time and space with his new companion Alison.
It was just before The Scream of the Shalka part one aired that the BBC announced a new TV series was in production. For a while we all speculated that Richard E Grant's Doctor would be made flesh for the new TV outing with Shalka testing the waters, but it soon became apparent that the webcast Doctor and TV Doctor were entirely separate thus leaving the REG Doctor (and the figure I made of him) out in the cold before he had barely begun.
Some have postulated that rather than the 9th he is actually one of the later Doctors. But he does mention in Shalka that Andy Warhol wanted "to paint all nine of me."
I always wanted him to have his own story on the AFT but there just wasn't the time and nowhere that it would fit in. The Infinity Program (I hope) puts up a reasonable explanation for his existence. With his stories undone, it may be necessary to pit the new 9th Doctor against the Shalka one day where he meets a young barmaid called Alison...
Bernice S Summerfield has the distinction of being the first companion to be introduced in the New Adventures.
She first appeared in Paul Cornell's Love and War and travelled with the seventh Doctor until she left the TARDIS to marry Jason Kane in Happy Endings but even then she continued to make guest appearances from time to time.
When the Doctor Who novel licence returned to the BBC, Benny continued in her own adventures for Virgin for a time and was then picked up by Big Finish for a series of books and audios that still continue. Benny appeared with the 8th Doctor in the last NA, The Dying Days.
Played on audio by Lisa Bowerman, Benny has appeared with the 7th Doctor and Ace in The Summoning of the Scourge and The Dark Flame. According to the AFT adventures, Benny never met the Doctor before she was replaced by the Sentienz Primary. It is not established whether the Primary killed the real Benny or not.


Romana is a Time Lady and former companion of the fourth Doctor. She left the TARDIS with K-9 mark 2 to free Tharil slaves across E-Space (Warriors Gate). The Master, a fellow Time Lord has been the Doctor's arch nemesis since his 3rd incarnation. When last seen battling the 8th Doctor, he was absorbed into the TARDIS.
The New Adventures establish that she returned to Gallifrey from E-Space and ultimately became Lord President- a role she maintains in the BBC novels and Big Finish audios. For the AFT though she has lost the recent presidential elections. The AFT 8th Doctor adventures establish that the Master left the TARDIS and generated a new body for himself. Clearly since then he has been arrested by the Time Lords and once again stripped of his physical form. He is now a disembodied entity in a containment field on the Time Lord's prison planet Shada.

The Sentienz are a new AFT creation and had been in gestation for a number of years and in several permutations. Originally they were conceived as an entity in another dimension. The interfaces between their dimension and ours resemble animated scarecrows. With one touch they suck out the life force of an individual.
When it came to find a monster not only for this story but that could return, I found the original Sentienz idea and decided that now would be their time. I decided against the Scarecrow look, at least for this incarnation of them. The true horror of their nature is not revealed in this story leaving some things for a later story.

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The story was originally posted between November 2004 and March 2005. The two prologues were posted a week apart and the four episodes posted every six weeks ahead of transmission of the New Series on TV in March 2005.


Opening Theme- Arrangement by David Arnold
Incidental music from The TV Movie by John Debney
The 9th Doctor's theme by Russell Stone is from Scream of the Shalka
Some lucky AFT readers were sent a CDROM containing the whole story ahead of transmission of the final episode providing a sneak peak of the custom made 9th Doctor and Rose figures.
This CD Rom also contained original opening titles and music that accompanied each page.
The story was taken down (along with the entire AFT site) in January 2007. It was restored in its entirety, along with the CDRom music sections and titles for Christmas 2008. The music was removed when the site was streamlined in November 2015

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The main story behind it all- a way of clearing the boards to make way for a new series had been around for many years.

Back when I made my first custom 'dapol style' 8th Doctor figure I knew that he would be superseded if Dapol ever did their own version. There was also always the possibility that given the apparent failure of the TV Movie, any new production of the show might ignore the McGann Doctor.
Legacy of the Time Lords featured all the Dapol Doctors (3rd, 4th, 7th) and my 8th Doctor. Combining their adventures they would come to realise that the seventh Doctor had been manipulated into altering the timeline and the 8th Doctor should never have existed in this form.
While the 8th Doctor sacrifices himself, it's up to the other Doctors to convince the 7th that he was duped and must put things right. But can he overcome his own pride in order to do it?
The Infinity Program is as much a story about Doctor Who as it is a Doctor Who story. The title refers to the motivation of the Sentienz but it also represents the ongoing nature of Doctor Who itself, especially poignant as this was the last AFT story before the show returned to our screens.
Since the end of Doctor Who on TV, the Doctor’s adventures had continued in other media- books, comics and audios, not to mention hundreds of fan made productions. One of the things I wanted to address was which one of these was correct. As with the TV movie in 1996, the new TV series is something that every medium will agree upon and each will find their own way to get the 8th Doctor there but there will always be a dispute about which of them was the RIGHT one. What The Infinity Program suggests is that they are ALL right, each as valid as the next and all occurring simultaneously but independently. Another thing that needed to be examined was The Scream of the Shalka and it's formerly 'official' 9th Doctor. The Infinity Program aimed to provide a possible explanation for him within the context of the show. See above.

Breaking the rules

One of the great dangers of fan-fiction is an over reliance on the show's past. Too often, stories involve previous Doctors, former companions and a mix of old monsters, tying themselves up in continuity knots for reasons that add nothing to the story. The AFT tries to avoid such self referential stories but I will be the first to admit that The Infinity Program breaks all my rules.
Hopefully that the story explains itself all the way along and doesn’t alienate new readers but at the same time delights long-time fans with it’s inclusion of Romana, Benny and the (now alternate) 9th Doctor. But as well as reusing elements of the series' ongoing continuity, I hope I’ve added to it by introducing a new monster, the Sentienz who was intended to return to battle the Doctor and Rose but who may yet return.
The biggest thing about The Infinity Program is it's a regeneration story. Speaking of the new series, producer Russell T Davies said that there will not be an on-screen regeneration. That, he said will be left to Big Finish or fan-fiction. I am happy and immensely proud to say that while it will never be considered 'canon', the AFT did get there first.

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This story features some of the biggest and most elaborate sets ever produced for the AFT. The greatest of all is the TARDIS console room. We’ve had the console for some time as well as a backdrop featuring the doors. For the final appearance of the TARDIS interior in this form, I decided to pull out all the stops and create the console struts, steps leading up to the main entrance doors and even a small office area as seen in the TV movie.
The TARDIS interior complete with support struts and entrance doors. Jess's room in the prologue. Hypertemperon control room
Shada was just this platform. The background was added in photoshop Eldrex's Type 70 TARDIS interrior with central console The hall on Gallifrey where the League of Time Enabled Races meet. The Kirith ship, bridge and corridor
Sadly the PC with all the sets on was stolen so none of them are available for download.
The streets of the planet Revus. Also used in Star Wars: The Insidious Threat The planet where we see the 9th Doctor is little more than a backdrop. The photos for this were taken on Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.    

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The story was first brought to the attention of AFT readers as the final section of The Complete 8th Doctor (a magazine style over view of all the 8th Doctor's AFT adventures) in July 2004 in the form of a flash trailer previewing specially created scenes from the story. While the basic elements and storyline were in place at that time, the actual script had yet to be written. The tag line "It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for..." is a direct steal from the dying moments of the 4th Doctor in Logopolis.  

The first draft was written in August and went through several rewrites to tighten it up. The first episode was originally much longer and more of a run around with the Doctor and Benny being chased by the mercenaries. The Doctor would demonstrate how the hypertemperon siphons off time channels by using a fountain in the street. The facility at Revus would be hit by time disruptions that ultimately destroy the Doctor and Benny's pursuers and the Doctor and Benny would have to ride a speeder bike to escape the disruption wave before being picked up by the Refractors.
The different “time channels” representing the different media were originally called ‘divergences’ but when Big Finish sent the 8th Doctor into the Divergent Universe, it was felt this might be too confusing so they were changed to ‘Disjunctions’.
Theses ‘disjunctions’ are established to have begun after Survival and come together for the 1996 TV Movie. Removed from the script was the idea that they were brought back together by the Master. In that draft of the script, the Master establishes that they had to be brought together and sealed with a death- his own. The Doctor realises that to seal them permanently requires not only a death, but also a birth- prompting his self sacrifice and regeneration at the end of the story. The whole death/ birth idea seemed way too complicated so it was dropped.
Benny was included because she is present in every Time Disjunction, having appeared in the novels, comics and the audio series. The original storyline would see the Doctor go back and meet up with Ace to discuss differing versions of events. Benny was always intended to be the Sentienz Primary in disguise with the Kirith Ambassador as the main suspect. (During the Sentienz scenes, the hologram of the Primary deliberately uses the Kirith ambassador figure). But during the scripting it became obvious that the Lord President was also a prime suspect and she was given a more prominent role including the confrontation with Romana at the end.
In the first draft, Alison is also taken out of time with the 9th Doctor. I had always intended that the companion who died (mentioned in The Scream of the Shalka) had been Rose.
The frame showing the Doctor's regeneration was a very late addition and used images already taken for the story of the 8th Doctor standing at the console onto which I added the 9th Doctor's head- the result, the Doctor apparently standing while regenerating was unintentional and something that some readers found rather amusing at the time. The last laugh must go to the AFT though as every regeneration seen in the New Series thus far has been done standing up.

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While The Infinity Program may be enjoyed as a stand alone adventure, to appreciate it fully does require a knowledge of a lot of Doctor Who continuity as it is (rarely for the AFT) deeply rooted in lore not just from the TV show but also from the various media that had sprung up since Survival.
The Infinity Program refers to many differing Time Disjunctions each relating the different media's versions of events. As a bench mark to the different storylines, Eldrex has taken Ace out of time and we learn of her differing fates.

"I left your side to patrol a crack in time."

This was Ace's fate in the New Adventures Set Piece where she ends up riding a time travelling motorbike. It is also similar to a fate that my stories had for her.

"I enrolled at Prydon Academy"

For the last two seasons of Doctor Who, script editor Andrew Cartmel was working on a long term plan for the series. Had it played out it would have revealed that the Doctor had been grooming Ace, making her more aware of the larger picture of time travel. At the culmination of their adventures she was to enrol in Prydon Academy on Gallifrey- where the Doctor himself graduated. The Doctor's plan for Ace is mentioned in Lungbarrow.

"I died in your arms Professor."

This tearful fate befell Ace in the DWM comic strip.
When identifying some of the Disjunctions, Eldrex cites the Big Finish audios (where the Doctor currently traveled with Charley Pollard and C'Rizz), the BBC novels (where his companions were Fitz and Trix) and the DWM comic strip (where he was at the time accompanied by Destrii)

Continuity of the 8th Doctor

On the AFT, the 8th Doctor and his custom made companions Dari and Jess had just established themselves and would have embarked on a new story arc together. Rather than cut the 8th Doctor off there and then, The Infinity Program is set further in the 8th Doctor's future to a point where that arc has already played out.

Jess's ultimate fate was alluded to in her very first episode- that she becomes her own great grandmother, a star of silent movies. Her husband, it was intended was to have been a fellow time traveller whom she meets in the course of their travels. He settles in Hollywood with her.

I had always planned that Dari would probably die in the course of her adventures. Some of the planned adventures are mentioned in Prologue One. The scene where Dari tells Jess that she is gay and the character of 2wo were from the same story.


While it may have swept the Whoniverse clean of continuity, what The Infinity Program failed to predict was that the new series would have it's own backstory. It's not at all clear how the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks fits into this version of events unless it somehow occurs after the Doctor's regeneration. Rose however seems to suggest that his regeneration is a very recent event, certainly following the climax of the war. It could even be that all the 'disjunctions' occur as a result of and 'along side' the Time War. But then it gets REALLY confusing.


Well that was very unexpected but most welcome. A mini episode in which the eighth Doctor regenerates deliberately into a "warrior Doctor" to fight in the Time War giving a new insight into the gap between 'classic' and 'new' Who.
But obviously this means that our story The Infinity Program is completely apocryphal. Exactly how they can both occur, I'm not sure yet but we know that time can be rewritten. I might address it, I might just leave it. Either way, I'm very happy to see the 8th Doctor back again, even if it is just for a quick farewell.

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