Season Seven (1970)
Spearhead From Space (4 eps)
The Silurians (7 eps)
Ambassadors of Death (7 eps)
Inferno (7 eps)
The Time Riders (2 eps)
Season Eight (1971)
Terror of the Autons (4 eps)
The Mind of Evil (6 eps)
The Claws of Axos (4 eps)
The Seige of Skaro (2 eps)
Colony In Space (6 eps)
The Daemons (5 eps)
Prisoners by Jim Sangster (1 ep)
Season Nine (1972)
Day of the Daleks (4 eps)
The Curse of Peladon (4 eps)
The Sea Devils (6 eps)
The Mutants (6 eps)
The Time Monster (6 eps)
The Silurian Ultimatum (1 ep)
Season Ten (1973)
The Three Doctors (4 eps)
Carnival of Monsters (4 eps)
War of the Cybermen (4 eps)
Frontier In Space (6 eps)
Planet of the Daleks (6 eps)
The Green Death (6 eps)
Season Eleven (1974)
The Time Warrior (4 eps)
Invasion of the Dinosaurs (6 eps)
Firestorm (3 eps)
Death To The Daleks (4 eps)
The Monster of Peladon (6 eps)
Planet of the Spiders (6 eps)
Other Appearances
The Five Doctors (1 feature length)
Type Forty (3 eps)

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Liz Shaw
Spearhead From Space- Inferno
Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart
The Web of Fear- Battlefield
Jo Grant
Terror of the Autons- The Green Death
Captain Mike Yates
Terror of the Autons- Planet of the Spiders
Sgt John Benton
The Invasion- The Android Invasion
Sarah Jane Smith
The Time Warrior- The Hand of Fear