Season Four (1966/7)
The Power of the Daleks (6 eps)
The Highlanders (4 eps)
The Underwater Menace (4 eps)
Moonbase (4 eps)
The Macra Terror (4 eps)
The Faceless Ones (6 eps)
The Evil of the Daleks (7 eps)
Season Five (1967/68)
The Tomb of the Cybermen (4 eps)
The Abominable Snowmen (6 eps)
The Ice Warriors (6 eps)
The Enemy of the World (6 eps)
The Web of Fear (6 eps)
Plants And Animals (2 eps)
Fury From The Deep (6 eps)
Enemy of the Cybermen (3 eps)
Apocalypse Dawns (2 eps)
The Wheel In Space (6 eps)
Season Six (1968/ 69)
The Dominators (5 eps)
The Mind Robber (5 eps)
The Invasion (8 eps)
The Krotons (4 eps)
The Seeds of Death (6 eps)
The Celestial Toyshop (1 ep)
The Space Pirates (6 eps)
The War Games (10 eps)
Other Appearances
The Three Doctors (4 eps)
The Five Doctors (1 feature length)
The Two Doctors (3 eps)
Type Forty (3 eps)

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The War Machines - The Faceless Ones
Ben Jackson
The War Machines - The Faceless Ones
Jamie Macrimmon
The Highlanders- The War Games
Victoria Waterfield
Evil of the Daleks- Fury From The Deep
Zoe Herriot
The Wheel In Space- The War Games