The Doctor
River Song
Master Roon - Custom
Brother Laktar- Malfoy (Harry Potter)
Kolob- custom
Sentienz- customs
Weeping/ Screaming Angel
Monks - Hawthorne/ Peter the Winder
I was very lazy with my customs for this story out of a need to get the story done and very little time in which to do it.
Master Roon is a Primeval Cutter body with VOC hands and the head of a Narrator.
Kolob is a Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows Voldemort with added eyes and repainted.
The other Sentienz have been used before and started life as gladiators from a pound shop.

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Part One

The Doctor receives a psychic scream from beyond time and space. The TARDIS then picks up a signal beamed for the Daleks. They trace it to Earth in the 1950s and Bracewell. The Doctor is incensed.

You canít take on the Daleks by yourself.


Iím not alone. And itís only one Dalek we need.
Separated from Bracewell and Amy, the Doctor has his brain scanned.
Amy goes back to the TARDIS and when she comes out she finds that the building, the Doctor and Bracewell have gone.
It takes the Doctor and Bracewell a bit longer to discover that they are now outside space and time.

Part Two

As Bracewellís supposed alien benefactors threaten to appear, the Doctor and Bracewell escape into another space and time held aboard the ship. (they may meet River and Torchwood, maybe)
They meet the aliens (Hath or Ood) and discover copy of the Doctorís brain. But to do what they need theyíd have to have a massive power source. But the enemy has one...
Bracewell is incensed by betrayal from his benefactors and tries to blow the ship up. But as the Doctor realises this threatens all space and time!

Part Three

The Doctor stops Bracewell and discovers the energy source- a trapped Weeping Angel.
Now the aliens reveal their plan- handing the completed Time Star over to their benefactors. Mysterious masked beings that the Doctor doesnít recognise until itís too late.
They from an alternate universe where humans did not evolve.
Using the completed Time Star they begin to roll back time. Any other people are erased and the wave is rapidly approaching the Doctor.

Part Four

He shields himself in with the Angel, realising that the Angel sent the psychic scream.
The timestar lands on an alternate Earth where humans have never existed. But the Doctor has a final trick up his sleeve- he spray paints the Angelís eyes allowing it to escape and undo the time starís work.
The seeds of this adventure go back as far as 2010. The original storyline had the working title of 'Big 11th Doctor Adventure' as opposed to the 'Little 11th Doctor Adventure' that became Amy Alone but underwent several radical changes before it was completed, not least the removal of Bracewell and the Daleks.
Over the gestation of the storyline I became interested in the idea of an archive of the universe pre time travel and created the idea of a cult dedicated to restoring the pre time travel time line.
The setting of the story at 'the end of the universe' suggested the inclusion of River Song after her line in Silence In The Library that she and the Doctor had been to the end of the universe.
The cult itself was explored in greater detail in earlier drafts and featured a character called Emmet who joined the cult because his father was killed in a time experiment. All the cult members were able to touch the archive and view their non time travel lives. Emmet would take Amy prisoner but give his life to save her when he discovers the cult had been manipulated.
The Sentienz were a late inclusion. I needed a monster and it became obvious that they would fit the bill. I wanted to do something a little different with them this time and created Kolob as a personification of the whole race, someone the Doctor could directly interact with.
It was quite early in the redrafting that the sidestep episode Timeless presented itself. In fact it was written and scripted before the rest of the story.

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Scripting on this story took a very long time and the final storyline draft wasn't pinned down until 14th December 2011. The scripts for parts one and two were completed on 11 January 2012 with part three following a day later.

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Shooting began on 22 January 2012 with the caves beneath Jupiter's surface and the dig site. The cave was created using brown and black crepe paper.
It continued on 30 January with the ship control room. The set for the ship uses brown styrene walls from a model shop and a floor of gold card. The consoles are from Primeval figures and from the AFT Download site, previously used in Ood In Space.
3 March saw the filming of the Roman scenes for the end of part two.
The rest of the footage was completed on 4th March with the ship corridors and the Angel power room.
Minor pick ups of River floating in the time vortex were done in April.

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Editing was done on an ad hoc basis, with each episode ready just ahead of it's transmission but each one completed on time. The final episode was edited in two days from 10th-11th May 2012.
As usual there have been some dialogue tweaks between script and final edit, especially to explain the Sentienz's plan which after so many rewrites, I'm not sure it's fully explained. Maybe I'm wrong.
You may recognise the original model used to create the Cult's time stopping ship. It's the Slitheen's alien decoy ship, put through a bit of photoshop magic.

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Episode one premiered on 23 February with part two following on 23 March. There was a gap for the 'sidestep' episode Timeless in April but the story resumed and concluded on 16 May 2012, a week earlier than intended, in order to avoid clashing with the AFT's classic episodes.

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Although this episode concludes our current run of 11th Doctor stories, we are still mid series 5, between Vincent and the Doctor and The Lodger.

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Phew! That brings us to the end of an unprecedented thirteen episode run for a single Doctor.
But where's Amy? To find out check out Ship Go Boom! in 2014.
I hope you enjoyed the AFT's first 11th Doctor 'series'. Do tell me what your favourite bits were at the AFT's facebook page.

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