Here at Action Figure Theatre, we're super excited that Twitch is streaming classic Doctor Who episodes and a new generation area falling in love with it.
If you want to add AFT to your viewing marathon, here's how our classic eps fit in. 
Date Adventures
4 June  Nemesis From Nowhere, The Trodos Conundrum, The Fate of the Shimmerlings
5 June Enemy of the Cybermen, Daleks v Cybermen: Apocalypse Dawns
11 June The Time Riders
19 June Daleks v Cybermen: The Siege of Skaro
28 June Daleks v Cybermen: The Coming of the Comet
29 June The Space Mutant, The Gift of the Benevolence, White Christmas
4 July Trumped
12 July Decoy To Denebola, The Phoenix Rises, Daleks v Cybermen: System Restore
17 July Timelocked, Empire of the Time Lords, Daleks v Cybermen: An Unfair Advantage
18 July New Year's Eve, Crystal Palace, Pyramid of Traps
23 July Grey Matter, The Doctor's Dilemma, Paradox Lost, A Night To Remember, Cradle Will Fall, Daleks v Cybermen: Pure Armageddon