Classic Doctor Who is back on Twitch. Here's the AFT stories in chronological order if you want to add them to your marathon.
5 January Marco Polo (7 eps), Land of the Dinosaurs (3 eps), (The Seas of Marinus)
6 January Fast Return by Jim Sangster (1 ep)
7 January The Phoenix Rises (2 eps), Nemesis From Nowhere (2 eps), The Trodos Conundrum (1 ep), The Fate of the Shimmerlings (2 eps)
8 January Plants And Animals (2 eps), Enemy of the Cybermen (3 eps), Apocalypse Dawns (2 eps)
9 January The Celestial Toyshop (1 ep)
10 January The Time Riders (2 eps), The Seige of Skaro (2 eps)
11 January Prisoners by Jim Sangster (1 ep)
12 January The Silurian Ultimatum (1 ep), War of the Cybermen (4 eps)
13 January Firestorm (3 eps)
17 January Split Infinity (3 eps), The Coming Of The Comet (2 eps), The Space Mutant (2 eps), The Gift of the Benevolence (2 eps), White Christmas (5 eps), The Hidden Armada (1 ep), Trumped (1 ep)
18 January The Ship of Fear (2 eps), (Coda)
21 January (The Peace Engine), (The Juditia)
23 January The Changing of Bracchis (2 eps), Plastinate (3 eps), Decoy To Denebola (2 eps), The Phoenix Rises (2 eps), System Restore (2 eps)
23 January The Harvest of Death (4 eps), Timelocked (1 ep), Empire of the Time Lords (3 eps), An Unfair Advantage (2 eps)
24 January Warrior Queen (1 ep), New Year's Eve (2eps), The Marian Conspiracy (Big Finish Audio), Crystal Palace (2 eps), Pyramid of Traps (2eps)
25 January Judgment of the Daleks (1 ep), The Mind of the Gargolquin (2 eps), Holding Tomorrow (2 eps), Grey Matter (1 ep), The Doctor's Dilemma (1 ep), Paradox Lost (1 ep), A Night To Remember (1 ep), Cradle Will Fall (1 ep), Pure Armageddon (5 eps)