K-9 (from Rose series 2 figure) All the figures are by Character apart from the random passer by who is a wrestling figure obtained from a newsagents in Truro for 2. He was cheap, a bit bootleg but fits the scale of the Dr Who figures. He will be seen again...
Cyber Controller
Dalek (from battle pack) The Cyber Controller figure appears only to bolster the ranks of the Cybermen, appearing with his back in wide shots or his arms in tighter shots.
Unnamed Wrestling Figure

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First shown in December 2006 as a Christmas Special and was the last regular AFT strip before the site's haitus in early 2007.

It was reposted in December 2007.
The original cover art (right) is based on an old book- The Adventures of K-9 and other mechanical creatures (left).

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Unavailable for comment- Sarah Jane Smith

When K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith appeared in School Reunion, it opened up the Whoniverse slightly to the characters that were left behind and raised lots of questions. What happens to these people as the Doctor's adventures affect the whole world? Since Character were good enough to supply us in 2006 with a figure of K-9, the AFT set out to explore that question. And what an opportunity to see how K-9 would fare against two of the Doctor's deadliest foes?
Obviously at the time, there wasn't a Sarah Jane figure (released September 07) so K-9 appears alone.

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This story was shot back to back with The Logic Trap in late 2006. The street scenes were reshot to include a better background (with a hedgerow) more in keeping with the suburban South Croydon.

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The story was originally called "K-9 In Doomsday" because that's simply what it was- K-9 in the Dr Who episode.
The aerial image of South Croydon comes from GoogleEarth.

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The New Series Timeline

March 2005- Rose

Established on Rose's "missing" posters

March 2006- Aliens of London

A year after Rose

Xmas 2006- The Christmas Invasion

The fall of Harriet Jones, the Master arrives.

Early 2007- School Reunion

Mid 2007- Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday

Xmas 2007- The Runaway Bride

Saxon (aka The Master) is Minister for Defence

June 2008- Smith & Jones/ The Lazarus Experiment/ The Sound of Drums

18 months after the Master's arrival

August 2008- Invasion of the Bane

Days prior to beginning of school term (Revenge of the Slitheen) 18 months after K-9 goes to Black Hole.
Since her first travels with the Doctor, it was established that Sarah Jane lived in South Croydon and we see her house in The Five Doctors.
For the spin off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, she's living in Bannerman Road in Ealing. Furthermore, K-9 is closing a black hole in space and all but absent from her life so it's debatable whether this story could actually occur.
Assuming it does, it takes place (obviously) during the Series 2 adventure Army of Ghosts/ Doomsday. K-9's last comment about the happy ending is meant to be entirely ironic given the episodes heartbreaking climax.
The K-9 here is mark 4, a new model created by the Doctor as a gift to Sarah Jane, replacing mark 3 who sacrificed himself to destroy the Krillitanes in School Reunion. We suggest here that K-9 mk4 has some new defensive capabilities including a computer virus that enables him to take over the Dalek's systems.
Note the 'Bad Wolf' graffiti on the wall. A hold over from series 1.

Right is the timeline that I've worked out based on references from the series. It seems to establish that the Sarah Jane adventures take place in 2008 and after series 3.

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