Chief Bast (Death Star Briefing)
Joran Klospa is a Force Unleashed Juno Eclipse with the head of Irina Spalko (Indiana Jones) hence her anagram name.
The leader of the Empire is not intended to be Chief Bast, especially since that character is probably dead. I understand that in the expanded universe he survived the destruction of the Death Star but his death must be documented somewhere.
The arrival of Lumiya scene was intended to mirror the entrances of the Emperor and Vader in Return of the Jedi. This is a less grand affair because the Empire is now a mere remnant.

Accompanying Lumiya are the Crimson Empire characters.
The aliens are in 3.75" scale and from The Early Learning Centre.

Klospa's hologram machine is made from bits from the vintage droid factory and an 'immobiliser unit' from the vintage Imperial Troop Transporter.

Officer Cass (Death Star Briefing)
Lumiya (Marvel comic pack)
Admiral Motti (Death Star Briefing)
General Tagge (Death Star Briefing)
Colonel Wulf Yularen (Death Star Briefing)
Sand Trooper (Cantina diorama)
Sand Trooper (Dewback Patrol)
Vintage Imperial Commander x3
Vintage Death Squad Commander x3
Vintage Stormtrooper x4
Vintage TIE Fighter Pilot x3
Vintage Snow Trooper x3
Vintage AT AT Commander x2
Vintage AT AT Driver x3
Vintage AT ST Driver
Vintage Imperial Gunner
Death Star Droid (Power of the Force)
Kir Kanos (Crimson Empire comic pack)
Carnor Jax (Crimson Empire comic pack)
Joran Klospa (custom)
Luke Skywalker (Marvel comic 2 pack)
Space Trooper (Legacy Collection)
Early Learning Centre aliens x2
Darth Vader (Evolutions set)
Mara Jade (Heir to the Empire comic pack)

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Part one was posted without fanfare or build up on 23 October 2010 with part two following on 23rd November.

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Iíve wanted to do another Star Wars story for a while though not something on the scale of The Insidious Threat. The inspiration for this was the release of the Luke/ Lumiya two pack. As an avid reader of the Marvel comics in the 80s, I loved the character of Lumiya and the ultimate revelation of her identity. Anyone familiar with my stories will know that I love strong female characters and as the first female villain in the Star Wars universe, Lumiya was a particular inspiration.

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The planet was always intended to be some kind of lava world and was called Mustafar in the script. I considered making it that world but without any Mustafarian figures it was impossible. It was far simpler to use these new aliens and create an all new world rather than try and use a place already steeped in continuity.

The set is simple- a number of rocks made from foam filler and a few sheets of black crepe paper.

For the scenes in the lava cave, a light is shone through orange paper on a glass table, an effect used for the Doctor Who story Godmaker.

The Vastooine scenes were done first followed the by Imperial facility interiors.

The Imperial hangar was last to be shot on 25 July. Some time after the original shoot.

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Editing was a slow ongoing process in spite of actually being straightforward and not needing many special effects.
The lightsabres were made to glow using photoshop. Also used to create the laser bolts, as you might expect.
The story was finally completed on 7th October 2010.

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Dating the story: I'm not entirely certain but I've plumped for about 10 years after the Battle of Yavin since Luke and Mara Jade are fighting on the same side.
BLOOPERS: Apart from the having Chief Bast appear when his death has probably already been documented in the EU, having Lumiya fighting with a lightsabre is probably inaccurate. She's been seen to fight with a Force Whip but I don't think it's really been established that she's a proper Sith. I however, would like to think she is, so I've given her a red lightsabre.

I love the expanded universe of Star Wars though I admit, I haven't kept up with all of it. If your knowledge of Star Wars ends with the six movies then you may be a little lost. You don't need to know who the characters are but in case you're floundering or just want a little extra knowledge here we go.

MARA JADE first appeared in Heir To the Empire, the first of a trilogy of novels by Timothy Zahn, the first of the ongoing series of Star Wars novels published since the 1990s. During the time of the Empire, she worked for the Emperor as a covert operative 'The Emperor's Hand' and when he died, he left her with a final imperative through the dark side of the Force: to kill Luke Skywalker.

Fortunately, she is able to fulfill that command and exorcise her demons by killing a clone of Luke and thus become one of the 'good guys'. She later goes on to marry Luke but that's another story. She's one of my favourite expanded universe characters so expect to see her in another AFT story in the future.

LADY LUMIYA hails from the Marvel comic days following Return of the Jedi although she recently made a return in the novels.
She's an operative created by Darth Vader to be his new apprentice. I won't spoil her true identity in case you want to dig out the comics and have a read for yourself.

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