Fox Hunt (1 ep)
1978. Captain Jack confronts former Torchwood member Ingrid Fox. She's on a mission to break away from Earth.
A Torchwood story
White Christmas (5 eps)
Ingrid's plans begin and she has her first encounter with the Doctor.
Christmas special as the Doctor, Wun Tun and K-9 get involved with a previous version of the fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane
The Fourth Doctor Series 2010

As yet unwritten chapter in Ingrid's story.

Connected (2 eps)
Sarah Jane Smith is accused of murder!
The first step in Ingrid's plan for revenge.
Part of The Sarah Jane Adventures
The Hidden Enemy (1 ep)
Sarah Jane and K-9 are sent on a wild goose chase.
 Ingrid takes full advantage.
Part of The Sarah Jane Adventures
Into The Trap (1 ep)
Sarah Jane's nemesis reveals herself.
Part of The Sarah Jane Adventures
Godmaker (5 eps)
The tenth Doctor rescues Sarah Jane and finds himself pulled into a quest.
The AFT's tenth Doctor finale featuring the return of Thadius Torchwood and the Sentienz