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UPDATED: 2 December 2015
Good news everyone. I've managed to wangle a few things so that we can keep AFT Downloads where it is.
Updates will be very few and far between though I do still have some work-in-progress stuff that may find its way here.
But it does mean that everything that's already here will be staying put. Thanks for all your support.


Transporter room
Sickbay New!
Crew Quarters New!
Corridors New!


Eighth Doctor's TARDIS interior NEW!
Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS interior
Tenth Doctor's TARDIS interior
Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS interior
Parting of the Ways
The Time of Angels
The Pandorica Opens
Asylum of the Daleks
The Rings of Akhaten
Nightmare In Silver
Day of the Doctor
All these sets are for 3.75" (1:18 scale) figures
The Shang Tomb
China Train
China Train Ride
Toltatec City
Toltatec Upper Temple
Air ship cargo hold
Temple of Moses
Desert Chase
Attic Bannerman Road
Caves London Underground
Warehouse Miscellaneous Space Walls
Various London Locations through time
Alien Streets Church
Quarry Village cottage
Ice caves Monastery
First Doctor
An Unearthly Child
The Daleks
The Dalek Invasion of Earth  
The Dalek Masterplan
The War Machines
Second Doctor
Tomb of the Cybermen
The Invasion
The Seeds of Death
Third Doctor
Spearhead From Space
The Claws of Axos
The Daemons
The Three Doctors
The Green Death
Carnival of Monsters
Death To The Daleks
Fourth Doctor
Ark In Space
Genesis of the Daleks
Revenge of the Cybermen
Terror of the Zygons
Pyramids of Mars
The Seeds of Doom
Season 14 TARDIS interior
The Deadly Assassin/ Invasion of Time
Robots of Death
The Talons of Weng Chiang
Image of the Fendahl
Destiny of the Daleks
City of Death
Warrior's Gate
The Keeper of Traken
Fifth Doctor
The Five Doctors
Resurrection of the Daleks
The Caves of Androzani
Sixth Doctor
Attack of the Cybermen
Vengeance On Varos
The Two Doctors
Revelation of the Daleks
Seventh Doctor Remembrance of the Daleks
Eighth Doctor The TV Movie
Ninth Doctor
The End of the World
Aliens of London/ World War Three
The Parting of the Ways
Tenth Doctor
The Doctor v Alien
Daleks In Manhattan
Planet of the Ood
Silence In The Library/ The Forest of the Dead
Eleventh Doctor
The Eleventh Hour
The Beast Below
Victory of the Daleks
The Time of Angels
The Hungry Earth/ Cold Blood
The Lodger
City of the Daleks
The Pandorica Opens
The Impossible Astronaut
The Doctor's Wife
A Good Man Goes To War
Closing Time
Asylum of the Daleks
The Snowmen
Day of the Doctor
TARDIS interior
Twelfth Doctor TARDIS interior NEW!
These downloads are presented here for your personal use. If you use them in your online creations please credit this site. They are certainly not to be sold.
Black & White Test Page
Specs: A4 (21cm X 29cm, 25dpcm) scaled to fit 5" Character Dr Who figures unless otherwise stated.

For best results click on the thumbnail to open the full version then save to your hard drive and print using windows explorer. Use the TEST PAGE so you don't waste your colour ink.


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Some of the downloadables, particularly some of the early ones use elements from Subversion. Many thanks to the good folks there for their brilliant work.